Second Chance Cowboy by A.J. Pine | Review

Publisher: Forever
Release Date: February 27, 2018
Source of my copy: publisher
Series: Crossroads Ranch #1
My rating:

Once a cowboy, always a cowboy

Ten years ago, Jack Everett left his family's ranch without a backward glance. Now, what was supposed to be a quick trip home for his father's funeral has suddenly become more complicated. The ranch Jack can handle---he might be a lawyer, but he still remembers how to work with his hands. But turning around the failing vineyard he's also inherited? That requires working with the one woman he never expected to see again.

Ava Ellis broke her own heart the night she let Jack go. She was young and scared---and secretly pregnant with Jack's baby. Now that he's back and asking for her help, Ava sees her opportunity to right the wrongs of the past. But how will he feel about the son he's never known? Could this be their second chance---or their final heartbreak?

Can we talk about that cover of Second Chance Cowboy first? Because hubba hubba 😻😻 that is one sexy cowboy. Good job Forever Romance! Because while I enjoy my cowboy romances, usually the covers are so cheesy and cartoonish that they're kind of a turn off. I thought this cover captured Jack Everett's lawyer and rugged cowboy self perfectly.

I was initially interested in Second Chance Cowboy because I've been wanting to pick up a book by A.J. Pine for a while. I keep seeing her name whenever I'm browsing on Amazon or Goodreads, but I was hesitant because sometimes that's just how it is when it comes to new-to-you authors. So, when I saw that she's starting a new series about cowboy brothers and the first book features a second chance romance (which is my FAVORITE romance theme), I couldn't not pick it up. I'm so glad I did because I really, really ended up enjoying Second Chance Cowboy.

I've read hundreds of romance novels with the second chance romance trope, so it's a treat when I find one that reads fresh, which was the case with Second Chance Cowboy. Ms. Pine did a really good job combining the second chance trope with the secret pregnancy trope and putting an emotional spin to it that I just ate up. I love the direction she took Jack and Ava's relationship. Right from the beginning I loved how the two of them communicated with each other, which then allowed the story to delve deeper into Jack's issues with his family, his father, and fatherhood, which gave the story more substance.

My favorite character was Ava. I loved how strong and loving she was, first in letting the love of her life, Jack, go and then taking on motherhood alone. And when he did come back, she was open about what happened in the past and she let Jack in even though there was a chance that he wouldn't stay. On top of that, she had to deal with her dad (ugh her dad was so annoying) and his issues with Jack. I love her and her son Owen together, and when they're with Jack and his family--those scenes were my favorite.

As for Jack, I really liked him too. He had a lot of deep-seated issues to deal with about his past and his dad, and my heart broke for him. I get where he was coming from, but at the same time I was also frustrated with him. Also, he's supposed to be this really excellent lawyer who was just offered to be partner, but we don't really see him do anything lawyer-y or use his lawyer skills or ever learned what type of lawyer he is. That sort of bothered me a little bit. However, I did enjoy his overall character development.

Second Chance Cowboy is an excellent start to what I believe will be a fantastic series, and also an excellent introduction to A.J. Pine's writing. I am very much looking forward to Jack's brothers' upcoming books and hopefully we'll get glimpses of Ava and Owen as well. If you're looking for a non-romantic comedy kind of contemporary romance but with some flashes of humor and without all the angst, I think you'll enjoy Second Chance Cowboy. If you enjoy cowboy romances, I highly recommend this one.

Team Forever Romance is launched a year-long Cowboy of the Month campaign in 2018. Jack Everett is February's #CowboyoftheMonth! For more info about Jack as well as previous and upcoming sexy cowboys, visit Team Forever's dedicated Cowboy of the Month page here.

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