Misadventures of a College Girl by Lauren Rowe | Release Day Review

Publisher: Waterhouse Press
Release Date: February 27, 2018 (TODAY!)
Source of my copy: author
Series: standalone
My rating:

Straitlaced freshman Zooey Cartwright has arrived at UCLA determined to have a heck of a lot more fun in college than she did in high school. What’s the first item on Zooey’s agenda before classes start in two days? Losing her pesky V card. She’s definitely not looking for a boyfriend, so where can Zooey find the right guy to do the deed and move along without a backward glance? At a party thrown by a bunch of football players, of course.

Enter Tyler Caldwell. A beast on the field and off, cocky as heck, and often wearing T-shirts with sayings like “God’s Gift to Womankind,” Tyler is most definitely not boyfriend material.

After a make-out session with Tyler leaves Zooey entirely unsatisfied, she is determined never to see him again. But her schedule lands her in not one but two of his classes, and it doesn’t take long before Tyler is giving Zooey exactly what she wants—and a whole lot more she never bargained for. Can Zooey surrender her body to this bad boy without giving him her heart, too?

Until now Ball Peen Hammer was my favorite Lauren Rowe book, but I think Misadventures of a College Girl might be my new favorite by her. Perfectly written in Lauren Rowe's signature way, it is a MUST-read for fans of rom-com new adult books. Misadventures of a College Girl will make you laugh out loud, have you googling Winnie the Pooh, listening to Dave Matthews Band and "Defying Gravity" from Wicked, turning up the AC because the chemistry between Zooey and Tyler was explosive, and having the best time.

I LOVE ZOOEY AND TYLER SO, SO MUCH!! Zooey is your bright-eyed freshman theater major looking to lose her V card and Tyler is your junior big man on campus football star. They met at a party and Zooey knew that Tyler is the perfect guy to do the deed. His reputation for giving his sexual partner orgasms precedes him, he's sexy AF, and, most importantly to Zooey, he's not looking for a relationship. And with that Tyler and Zooey comes together and we get the funniest, steamiest, dirtiest, most swoon-y new adult romance I've read so far this year.

Zooey is the best! She's sassy and one of those "cup is half" full kind of happy people that I just love reading about because they make me smile. I love how she embraces her sexual nature and takes to Tyler's "miseducation" (haha) like a sponge.

Tyler is just plain swoon. At first glance he seems like a douche, and then you get to know him and like DAMN! I want my own Tyler Caldwell! He's just fuckin' perfect. The last 20% just freaking killed me because Tyler was the absolute BEST book boyfriend ever and the best man for Zooey.

Zooey and Tyler together was pure, dirty fun. They both cracked me up with their banter and their running jokes, but when they're not rocking each other's world they have this beautiful friendship too. I love that we got to see them not only in college, but also out of college and the epilogue was just the cherry on top. I absolutely love everything in this book. I wish it was longer because I wasn't ready to leave my babies.

Lauren Rowe hit it out the park with Misadventures of a College Girl. There are a bunch of "Misadventures" books written by other authors and if you're looking to pick one up but not sure which one to start with I HIGHLY recommend Misadventures of a College Girl. It is Lauren Rowe at her best and you will get to meet Zooey and Tyler who are two of the most fun new adult characters you will ever meet.

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