New Year, New [Blog] Look | Blog Facelift

Hello everyone,
If you've been by the last couple of days, you might have notice this here blog got a little facelift.

I did a major redesign and blog update back in September, but I only put a temporary blog header up because I wasn't sure what look I wanted for the blog yet.

With much thought, I went with a minimalistic look with peachy pinks and gold with one of my favorite handwritten font called Shorelines (a pretty, feminine font I've always liked).

There's a new blog header, blog button, a different color scheme, new post headings to match the new blog header font, and most importantly, for my sanity, the post images on the homepage are finally all the same size.

How was I able to accomplish this blog facelift you might ask?

It's all thanks to my friend Kelly. The wonderful, lovely, patient Kelly who worked with me through my initial ideas (very different from the final result--I wanted cats and books and tea and all that shebang) back in October and over the last week when I finally buckled down and got my act together gave her something more concrete to work with.

It's Kelly who put together everything (the header, the button, post headings) and fixed that pesky homepage image problem that drove me nuts.

I am forever grateful to Kelly, whose blog is called DivaBookNerd (if you love YA, her blog is a must-follow--she does these hilarious Bogan reviews that you're going find are the BEST THINGS EVER even if you're not Aussie). Kelly, thank you, THANK YOU!! 😘😘

Happy reading,

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