Corrode by Ella Fields | Review

Publisher: self-pubbed
Release Date: November 4, 2017
Source of my copy: author
Series: Surface Rust #2
It didn't matter how young we were.
We just knew.
Forever was stamped on our hearts, no matter what forces tried to keep us apart.
They tried, and they failed.

We were happy.
We lived, we loved, and we made plans.
But as the years went by, we watched helplessly as those plans faded into dusty aspirations.

Yet we endured.
Time and time again, we came out stronger.
Until life threw the ultimate test our way, and he surrendered.

Defeated and desperate, he made a choice.
One that tore all our promises in two—leaving me pregnant, alone, and terrified.

Now he's free, and that love is still there.
It's everything else that's changed.

Having read Ella Fields's Frayed Silk and Cyanide and loved both, I very much looked forward to Corrode. For me personally, if I end up loving Corrode then it will seal the fact that Ella Field is now one of my auto-read authors, as in any future release by her will always be at the top of my priority to get and read. Unsurprisingly, I ended up loving Corrode

Corrode is about Felix--if you've read Cyanide he was Jared's older brother who was in jail--and Maggie, who Jared was trying to find. By the end of Cyanide, we found out that Jared had found her thanks to a private investigator. Corrode opens with Felix getting out of jail after an 18-month prison stint after getting caught trying to steal cars. But, then we're taken back to ten years ago to the night Felix and Maggie first met, and then to the ensuing years after, all the way to 19 months prior to Jared getting out of jail--to the night Maggie finds out about Felix's plans to try to earn a few thousand dollars by stealing cars for a shady friend of his. She decided to leave him for a couple of days as sort of a wake up call for him and to shock him out of his stupid plans. Fully believing that he'll come to his senses and go after her. Except he didn't, and then we're at the present time and we see Maggie talking to a psychologist about some sort of trauma she experienced that occurred after she left Felix and he went to jail.

We learned a little bit about Felix and Maggie in Cyanide, but I didn't realize how long these two were together. Ten years, you guys! And they went through A LOT in the ten years, from Maggie leaving her parents' house after her asshole dad gave her an ultimatum and her choosing Felix and moving in with him, Jared, and their foster dad Darren, to losing Darren after his drunken accident (which we learned about in Cyanide) and Felix's break down, to finding out about Maggie's pregnancy, and always, always their struggle with not having enough money especially after Darren's passing. But, through it all Felix and Maggie's love shined through. That was the one constant thing, even through all their struggles. I really appreciated seeing them together through the years, which all the more made their present circumstance that much more heartbreaking because these two were two parts of a whole.

I'm not going to get too much into the present because of spoilers, but I have to mention Warren and Jake because they're the BEST. I'm so happy Maggie found them after what happened to her and they took her in and sort of adopted her and cared for Maggie and her son Archie. I also loved seeing Jared in the past and in the present with Vera who was as sassy as ever. We even got a very quick glimpse of Leo and Lia with their kids. Okay, as for Sam. She made horrible choices, but I think she needs her own HEA. 

Corrode was wonderful--a second-chance romance with the perfect blend of angst, heartbreak, love, smexy steamy, and swoons. I love the epilogue, which was just the cherry on top for the Williams brothers. I've come quite attached to these group of characters, especially the brother and their family, and hope we get to see them again in future books just living life.

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