Our Blog is 8 Years Old + New Blog Design

Hi everyone,
So, I was aimlessly clicking on our blog's old posts last night and happened to click on our very first post, and realized that September 3rd is our blogiversary!


Holy cow! I can't believe I've been book blogging for so long! I mean, if my blog is a human it would be in 3rd grade right now.

I'm just amazed we were able to keep it up despite all the life stuff. This blog is officially my most enduring endeavor and I'm very proud of it and of myself and my sister for sticking to it for so long. And, most of all, thank YOU all--our bookish friends, blog visitors and readers, and publishers, PR companies and authors we've worked with over the years--who've made book blogging such as joy and a hobby of love.

How did I celebrate our blog's 8th blogiversary? Actually, the best way I could have: weeding my shelves of hundreds of books and donating them all to the Friends of the Library.
This is just a portion of all the books. There were more on the back seat of the car.

I couldn't have planned the day better if I'd been aware that it was our blog's 8th anniversary. Getting rid of all these books I know I'm never going to read, or have read but have no plans of rereading/no significant attachment to, or getting rid of unnecessary extra copies feels really good. Really freeing.

It feels like a new start. Now, I can better see and find the books I am interested in and do want to read... eventually.

And, speaking of fresh starts, we also revamped our blog a couple of weeks ago.

If you had a chance to stop by recently, you might have noticed that our little corner of the internet looks a little different.

An Etsy seller was having a sale (which is still going on!) and everything in her store were less than $5. So, I bought a template and a couple hours later, our blog had a whole new look.

Our old blog
I've very happy with the way everything turned out! I loved our old blog's design, but it's been four years since we've updated and our blog was looking a little tired. We wanted a modern and clean layout that will showcase more of our posts as well as be more visitor-friendly.

Our new blog
I designed the header myself, but it's only temporary. I'm hoping when I have the time I can come up with a header design that will incorporate the things we love like books (of course!), candles, cats, and drinking tea.

A huge book donation and a blog revamp--all in all a good way to celebrate our blog turning 8. Here's hoping we'll make it a whole decade.

Happy reading,

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