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I am so excited to be part of The Traitor's Kiss blog tour. It's the cover absolutely gorgeous?! I basically fell in love with the cover (I have a thing for combining delicate and hard so the dagger/roses combo spoke to me) before really knowing what it's about. I am currently reading it and so far the I am really liking it--it's kinda giving me a The Storyspinner vibe, if you've read that fantasy duology by Becky Wallace (my review here if you've never heard of The Storyspinner--I really liked it).

Anyway, I'm sharing my fancast picks for some of the characters from The Traitor's Kiss.

An obstinate girl who will not be married.
A soldier desperate to prove himself.
A kingdom on the brink of war.

With a sharp tongue and an unruly temper, Sage Fowler is not what they’d call a lady―which is perfectly fine with her. Deemed unfit for marriage, Sage is apprenticed to a matchmaker and tasked with wrangling other young ladies to be married off for political alliances. She spies on the girls―and on the soldiers escorting them.

As the girls' military escort senses a political uprising, Sage is recruited by a handsome soldier to infiltrate the enemy ranks. The more she discovers as a spy, the less certain she becomes about whom to trust―and Sage becomes caught in a dangerous balancing act that will determine the fate of her kingdom.

Okay, here's the thing: I don't watch a lot of currently running TV shows or new movies so I'm not familiar with a lot of the popular young actors and actresses. I basically watch random movies on Netflix and occasionally binge on Netflix shows. I love fancast posts though so I thought I'd take a stab at doing one for The Traitor's Kiss. Also, just a little caveat, I don't always go with the books description when picking actors or actress. I just go with what feels right to me.

Here we go...
Sage Fowler
Saoirse Ronan pic via Tumblr
The actress the quickly came to mind for Sage is a slightly younger Saoirse Ronan. She's a very versatile actress and can play obstinate yet very observant Sage with her freckles and tomboyish ways.

Mistress Darnessa Rodelle
via Saint Heron
Mistress Rodelle is this very intimidating and highly respected matchmaker. Octavia Spencer is the perfect Mistress Rodelle.

Captain Alexander Quinn
via Pinterest
Okay, Scott Eastwood might be too old to play 21-year old Captain Quinn, he is so damn sexy. I love the scruff--imagine him with the scruff, slightly dirty from doing his duties, in Captain Quinn's black jacket sitting atop a horse commanding his men. **swoon**

Sergeant Ash Carter
via Pinterest
This is Josh Whitehouse and he's gonna be in Season 3 of Poldark (I'm a HUGE Poldark fangirl just FYI). I just pictured Ash (the king's bastard son who is careful not to upstage his half-brother who is the heir to the throne and tries to stay in the background) looking like him.

Lady Clare
via Pinterest
The gorgeous Yara Shahidi (from Black-ish) as Lady Clare who was Sage's roommate and friend. It doesn't show in this picture but she also has beautiful curls.

Lady Broadmoor (Sage's Aunt)
via Zimbio
Constance Wu (love her in Fresh Off the Boat!) as Aunt Braelaura

Lord Broadmoor (Sage's Uncle)
via Forbes India
Indian actor Hrithik Roshan as Uncle William

Since I'm currently reading the book I haven't met some of the characters yet, or they haven't really made an impression on me yet. I may update as I continue reading.

My secret message: "Was copying notes into bound ledger"

About the author
Erin Beaty was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, which means she can't drive a tractor, but she won't eat veggies that come from a can. She graduated from the US Naval Academy with a degree in rocket science and somehow always ended up writing her study group's lab reports. After serving in the fleet as a weapons officer and a leadership instructor, she resigned to pursue her side hobby of populating the Church of Rome. It still amazes her when other people want to hear the stories that come out of her head.

She and her husband have five children, two cats, and a vegetable garden and live wherever the navy tells them to go.

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