Dirty Money by Jessica Clare | Review

Publisher: InterMix
Release Date: January 17, 2017
Source of my copy: e-ARC
Series: Roughneck Billionaires #1
Boone Price and his brothers know oil; at least, the dirty, backbreaking side of working an oil rig. But when their scrubby, worthless hunting land turns out to be sitting on top of one of the biggest oil wells in North America, they go from the rig to the boardroom and end up billionaires practically overnight.

Now with enough money to do whatever he wants, Boone is developing a taste for fine things. And the finest thing he's ever seen is Ivy Smithfield, local realtor. Boone's determined to buy her affection and show the world that he's more than just a dirty fool with a bit of money. Ivy's classy and beautiful - she'll make the perfect trophy wife. The fact that she's sexy and funny is just a bonus.

There's one tiny problem - Ivy's as dirt poor as Boone is. Her carefully crafted veneer of luxury? All an act to promote her business. What's Boone going to do when he finds out the woman he's falling for is, well, in his league?

I have really mixed feelings for Dirty Money
My true rating for this book is 2.75/5 stars. I didn't hate it, but I didn't like it very much either. But it's still very readable, but the characters drove me nuts... Like I said, very mixed feelings.

 Okay, I'm going to start with what I liked.

When I first started reading Dirty Money, like within pages of the first chapter I tweeted this.
Yes! I thought. A different kind of billionaire. I love my billionaire heroes, but I have to admit a lot of the time they're one and the same: smooth, sophisticated, well-cut suit, coiffed hair, worked in a high rise office with corner windows. Then, here comes Boone: a dirty roughneck with unkempt hair, Duck Dynasty-style bushy beard, trailing dust wherever he goes, and basically the opposite of sophisticated. Did I swoon and fall for him? No. Because he did some stuff that made me side-eye him, which I'll get into later. But I appreciated the fact that we got a different type of hero in Boone. 

Another thing I liked was the writing. It was very readable. It was paced well, and there weren't any parts that dragged. It was well-written. Oh, and the smexin' was HOT!

Now, what I didn't like.

Boone was this uncouth guy, but I didn't mind that about him. There's something sexy about a hardworking, dirty man.


But Boone did some crazy shit. Like, when he went to confront this one rich guy at a golf course and this guy and his other rich buddies turned their noses up at Boone, which understandably upset Boone. If there's one thing Boone hates, it's people looking down at him. So, to get back at these people, he decided to buy their golf course (because he can afford it) just to torch it down to the ground. Like, that'll show 'em for disrespecting me! He did ended up doing something nice to the golf course after he burned it to the ground so that sort of redeemed his actions. But, there were also other instances where he just threw money at situations because he didn't want to deal with it, or he threw money to get what he wanted. Personally, for me, throwing money to solve problems is not sexy no matter if you can afford to. 

Another thing was how Boone found Ivy: he saw a picture of her on an real estate ad (because Ivy worked in real estate company) and from seeing her picture he decided she's the classy lady he wanted as his wife. So, he goes to her place of work and within a day of meeting her, he proposes marriage. Boone continually would do these things where if it happened in real life, it wouldn't be romantic, it'd be creepy. However, as much as I didn't like some of his actions there was something endearing about Boone so I couldn't really dislike him.

As for Ivy, I wasn't a big fan of hers. She hit two of the things I hate most about heroines: she's the martyr type (she worked herself to the bone so that she can give her little sister the college education she didn't have, but she refused to tell her sister that she can barely keep food on the table and pay the bills every month--like, why? If her little sister was a young child, I would've understood keeping money troubles from her, but her sister was in college. If she got sick, what then?) and she kept a big secret about herself--lied to Boone--pretty much the entire book that she's not the rich, classy lady Boone thought she was. And she kept lying until about 87% of the book. She was also kind of hot and cold towards Boone (which is another strike against her) where she'd pull away and avoid him for a few days whenever he'd ask anything personal. 

And when the "I love yous" came between the two of them, I really wasn't feeling it, especially from Ivy.

So, basically, I read Dirty Money to get to the next book in the series. Boone is the oldest of five roughneck billionaire brothers and I wanted to the next brother's book. While this particular book didn't quite for me, I do want to continue on with the series. This series is like the sexy, steamy version of Duck Dynasty and I'm all for that. If you like your billionaires rough around the edges and a lot dirty, give this series a go!

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