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I hope you all had a nice holiday weekend! The next few days I'm going to be posting my top books for 2017 lists and my blogging plans for 2017. But first, a tag all about the looks of books.

Okay, so I'm basically a cover whore. I LOVE looking a pretty covers and have been known to purchase a book based on how gorgeous its cover and overall appearance is more than its content. So, when I came across the Aesthetically Pleasing Book Tag (originally created by Book Syrup) I tagged myself and got to looking through my shelves.

I limited myself to middle grade and YA titles this time around because I want to this tag again later on and do it for romance/NA titles.

Best color combo on a book cover

I love the teal/yellow/orange/black color combo of this cover. I initially wanted to buy this book because of the color combo just grabbed me, but when I read the synopsis and found out it's a road trip book that pretty much sealed the deal. And now it's sitting pretty on my shelf.

Best typography/font on a book cover

I love the typography of the title--like it's legit written by Lara Jean. If you look closely, you can see that it's written in Sharpie with all the little kind of flaws in the ink on paper. Also, I wish my cursive writing is as neat as this.

Best simple cover

I love a good, simple white cover and I really love this one. The heart-shaped waffles are so cute (yep, they have something to do in the story). 

Best endpages

Yeah, no contest. Gotta be endpages from The Wrath and the Dawn. First of all, I love that shade of purple and I'm a sucker for damask patterns. I basically want to wallpaper my future library with that exact pattern and shade there on the left. Then, we have Shazi there on the right and she's just gorgeous in her dress and jewelry. 😍 😍

Best map

This is one gorgeous map! I love the attention to detail on map itself and then to the drawings below it. It's from the Remnant Chronicles series by Mary E. Pearson and it sets the perfect tone for the series. 

Best naked hardback

The hardcover edition of First and Then by Emma Mills is, hands down, one of the best naked hardbacks out there. I love the dark blue and silver foil combination. I love the raindrops (which are also featured on the cover) form a heart. And I LOVE that the raindrop design is both on the front and back cover. That doesn't happen very often.

Best back cover
I debated whether to feature Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton as my favorite color combo pick or my best back cover pick, but I ultimately decided to put it under best back cover because I love the front cover of this book and the back cover is basically the same without the place and horse and rider silhouette. I really like how they kept the basic design (which is gorgeous) all around. I love that the cover designer took the same gold and teal (love this color combo!) border that is on the front cover to the back cover as well. They sort of remind of peacock feathers. 

Best chapter headers

I didn't want to include any of the Harry Potter books on this list because it's such an obvious and basic answer, but for this particular category the Harry Potter series was the only one that came to mind for the absolute best chapter headers. I LOVE the chapter header art in the series because they give you a clue about what's to come in the chapter. When I was a kid reading the series for the first time (before the movies came out) the pictures helped me visualized the story. All of the chapter header pictures were always on point.

Best illustrations
My new favorite graphic novelist is Raina Telgemeier. My youngest sister had always read her books, but it wasn't until late 2016 that I picked up one of her books myself. Ever since I picked up Smile (the picture on the left is from Smile with a gorgeous drawing of San Francisco), I have devoured as many of her books as I could get my hands on. I love her biographical-based graphic novels best of all, but all of her books are all so beautifully drawn. I love her art style.

Best spine

I've been meaning to read the Six of Crows duology by Leigh Bardugo, but I haven't finished the Grisha trilogy so I didn't want to pick up SoC before finishing that series. Anyway, I fell in love with SoC cover ever since the cover reveal in late 2015. Even though I was lucky enough to get an advanced reader's copy at the ALA conference, I bought the hardcover edition when it came out because I love the cover so much. Then, I pre-ordered Crooked Kingdom even though I haven't gotten around to reading SoC just so that I can put the two books together on myself and they just look so beautiful. Really, the publish has outdone itself in the design of the hardcover edition of both books  because both are just gorgeous all around, from the covers to the stained pages to the spine to the pages inside.

Favorite cover on your shelves
My overall favorite cover on my shelf was a very hard decision to make, but I decided to go with The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I absolutely love this book, and even now, five years since I read it, I can still visualize scenes from the story and of the circus in my head, and that's amazing because I'm the type of person who forgets characters' names five minutes after I finish reading a book. But besides the content, the book design itself (in this instance I'm talking about the first edition hardcover, which is the copy I own) is all around perfect and amazing. The cover art matches the story perfectly and I love that it's simple and somewhat understated but coveys so much about the story. I love that they used only black, gray/shiny silver, and red (another color combo I love). When you remove the dust jacket, the naked hardback is beautifully designed and is reminiscent of antique leather bound books. The end pages are black and white stripes that make me kind of dizzy when I stare at them for too long. The spine and back cover are perfect as well... Basically, I picked The Night Circus because this one book can be my pick for a lot of the other categories on this tag.

So, these are my picks for the Aesthetically Pleasing Book Tag. I really enjoyed doing this tag because it gave me a chance to feature books based solely on their design and appearance and not the content since, unfortunately, I haven't read a majority of these books. Out of the eleven, I've read only six but I highly recommend The Night Circus, Smile, the Harry Potter series, The Kiss of Deception, The Wrath and the Dawn, and Tell Me Three Things if you haven't read them.

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