Review: Disruption by Jessica Shirvington

Paperback: 416 pages
Publisher: Harpercollins
Release Date: October 4, 2016
Source of my copy: publisher
Series: Disruption #1
What if a microchip could identify your perfect match?

What if it could be used against you and the ones you love?

Eight years ago, Mercer Corporation's M-Bands became mandatory. An evolution of the smartphone, the bracelets promised an easier life. Instead, they have come to control it.

Two years ago, Maggie Stevens watched helplessly as one of the people she loved most was taken from her, shattering her world as she knew it. Now, Maggie is ready. And Quentin Mercer - heir to the M-Corp empire - has become key to Maggie's plan.

But as the pieces of her dangerous design fall into place, could Quentin's involvement destroy everything she's fought for?

In a world full of broken promises, the ones Maggie must keep could be the most heartbreaking.

Disruption is the first book in a duology by author Jessica Shirvington, who wrote the Violet Eden Chapters series. I read the first two Violet Eden books when they first came out in the US years ago and I remember enjoying them, but somehow I didn't end up picking up the rest of the books in the series. It might've been another case of "too many books, too little time" but while I barely remember the plot details from Violet Eden books (it's been more than four years according to Goodreads) I do remember how fast-paced and well-written they were. Well, fast-paced and well-written are two exact words I would use to describe Disruption, which was such a rush to read.

Disruption was published in Australia first before making its debut in the US. However, despite Disruption's origins in Australia, the story is set in Washington, D.C. in a future world where all citizens are required to wear M-Bands--I saw them in my mind like an Apple Watch--and the government used these micro-chipped accessories to keep track of people the people. Soon, the technology evolved and Phera-tech were introduced. The Phera-tech upgrade does uses the wearer's pheromones to analyze the compatibility percentage of any person the wearer meets. If a person's percentage dips in the negative four or more times, they are labeled a "neg" and it's assumed there must be something wrong with them and they are taken away by the government.

Maggie Stevens is our main character and two years ago before the story began her dad was taken away for being a neg. Since then Maggie had been doing everything she can to figure out where they took her dad, if he's even still alive, and some way to rescue him. She basically blackmails and bribes all of these people into helping her put her plan into motion to find her dad. A big part of Maggie's plan involves Quentin Mercer who is one of the heirs of the M-Corp empire (the company that developed and produces the M-Bands). And of course romance and non-stop action ensues.

Disruption was a pretty quick read--it's one of those books where you're so absorbed by the story that you don't realize how many pages you're read already. There was never a dull moment--there was always something going on--which I really appreciated because it made me read faster and I was glued to the page.

I really enjoyed Maggie's character. She was really bad-ass and take-charge. She knows what she wants to accomplish and she does not let anyone or anything stop her. But, she also has her vulnerable side. I also enjoyed Gus's character I really enjoyed the romance in the novel as well. After reading the first two books in the Embrace series, I knew Ms. Shirvington can write an angst-y romance. Well, the romance in Disruption is not as angst-y as the one with Violet, Lincoln, and Phoenix, which I really appreciated and preferred. Anywho, Disruption definitely delivered in the romance department.

I went into this book pretty blind, knowing only the synopsis, and I think it's best to go into this book only knowing the basic premise. I know many readers are not picking up dystopian books these days, but don't let the "dystopian" label keep you from reading this book. Yes, there were some parts that were typical dystopian genre, but this is a very entertaining, edge-of-your-seat kind of read. You won't be bored, promise! Book 2 cannot come soon enough--really looking forward to how everything will conclude in this duology!

**I did a fun Kiss, Marry, Kill with the author, which will be posted next week. Happy reading!

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