Review: A Week of Mondays by Jessica Brody

ARC: 451 pages
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Release Date: August 2, 2016
Source of my copy: publisher
Series: standalone
Sixteen-year-old Ellison Sparks is having a serious case of the Mondays. She gets a ticket for running a red light, she manages to take the world’s worst school picture, she bombs softball try-outs and her class election speech (note to self: never trust a cheerleader when she swears there are no nuts in her bake-sale banana bread), and to top it all off, Tristan, her gorgeous rocker boyfriend suddenly dumps her. For no good reason!

As far as Mondays go, it doesn’t get much worse than this. And Ellie is positive that if she could just do it all over again, she would get it right. So when she wakes up the next morning to find she’s reliving the exact same day, she knows what she has to do: stop her boyfriend from breaking up with her. But it seems no matter how many do-overs she gets or how hard Ellie tries to repair her relationship, Tristan always seems bent set on ending it. Will Ellie ever figure out how to fix this broken day? Or will she be stuck in this nightmare of a Monday forever?

From the author 52 Reasons to Hate My Father and The Unremembered trilogy comes a hilarious and heartwarming story about second (and third and fourth and fifth) chances. Because sometimes it takes a whole week of Mondays to figure out what you really want.

***WARNING: Review contains some major gushing.***

I'm just going to come right out and say it: I LOVED A Week of Mondays. It was just as I expected it would be: light, fluffy, and easy-to-read. Yet, it surprised me; I didn't expect it to be so relatable and so un-put-down-able with its likable main character and interesting plot. Even now, as I'm thinking about it, I'm smiling. I'm giving it
I related very much to the main character Ellie Sparks. Ambitious and idealistic, Ellie was the me who wanted to do everything to please everyone, even if it was at the expense of herself. There was nothing she believed she couldn't do, including turning around a Monday that seemed bound to be terrible, so as I watched her go through one awful Monday after another, cringing (and laughing) at her every mishap, I empathized with her completely and rooted for her constantly. The decisions she made, I made with her, and the lessons she learned, I learned with her. My relation to Ellie really made A Week of Mondays enjoyable for me.

Also, Ellie was a friend I would've love to have in real life. I really liked her quirkiness and endless optimism. I smile at the thought of all her mood-changing playlists, all of which consisted of music from the 60s, and I laugh at the reminder of all her humorous trains of thoughts, one of my favorites being:
"Oh, flub. The election speech. I have to do it again!
This is officially my worst nightmare. The universe is punishing me. But for what? Not studying for my history test?
Really, Universe? I'm the best you could do? You couldn't find anyone more devious to torture?"
I was never bored with Ellie, and I never once felt tired or irritated with her story, and now, she is a heroine I will always remember.

As for the plot, it being built around the idea of a day repeated several times was interesting in and of itself. I found it really unique and its execution very well done. With such a premise, there had to be some amount of repetition, which, going into the book, I was afraid was going to make the story drag, but Jessica Brody did a nice job of handling it while still keeping the narrative moving and interesting. Once more, she has impressed me with her colorful story ideas that, coupled with her easy-to-follow writing style and her tongue-in-cheek humor, had me hooked to A Week of Mondays from the very first page.

Overall, A Week of Mondays was a fantastic read with a great main character and a very unique plot. For all its charm, I'd highly recommend it to anyone who needs a pick-me-up from their reading slump or just a quick and easy read to catch up on their TBR list. Also, if you've liked Jessica Brody's previous books, such as The Karma Club and My Life Undecided (which I loved as well), you will definitely like A Week of Mondays because it is another quirky winner. Ellie Sparks's story will make you glad the Universe isn't torturing you with your worst Monday yet will make you wonder if that awful Monday can be turned around after all.

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