End of Summer Bookish Updates + ALA Conference Haul

Hello everyone,
I officially go back to work next week Monday. I'm a little sad because I'm going to miss all of the free time I have to just read or watch Youtube video or nap. But mostly I'm excited because I am going to start my new position as the school librarian!
The library I'm "inheriting."
As for my summer, it was GREAT!

Finally visited Disney World!
The first half of June was pretty chill. There was some reading (alas, less reading that I was hoping), a lot social media-ing and Youtube watching, and mostly napping.

My sisters and I went to see Me Before You the movie. Ultimately, I was disappointed and it wasn't even about the ending. It was well-casted, the setting was gorgeous, and I loved Lou's wardrobe... it was just missing something. I haven't read the book, but after seeing the movie I have not desire to.

Then, my sister and I went to Orlando (along with our entire family because Disney!) for the ALA Annual Conference.

The ALA conference was fun and overwhelming as always. It was my third time going, but this time I went as a librarian rather than as a blogger. It was my sister's first time and she represented our blog.

It was awesome going as a librarian. I got a whole bunch of picture books and middle grade books for my students and the library. I met authors and illustrators, a few whom when learning I'm from Hawaii gave me their cards and said they'd love to do an author visit.

In addition to that my sister and I also got YA books for us. We got almost all of books that we really wanted to get our hands on, as well as some others we weren't expecting we'd find there but we were very excited to get because we're dying to read them.

Leslie and me at the ALA conference in Orlando. 
Here are the YA and adult books (and even a couple middle grades) we got for ourselves at ALA.

These were the must-get books we had on our list.
The other YA books we got.
These are the books we got signed. Unfortunately, we didn't take pictures with any of authors.
The adult and romance books we got. Our mom already read the MacLean and Gibson titles during our flight back to Hawaii.
ALA was fun, but going to Disney World (for the first time) was definitely the highlight of our trip. A huge thanks to Amber at Du Livre who shared her Disney pro-tips with me--they were a big help in planning.

Staycation relaxation!
And then it's July and I was most looking forward to seeing The BFG the movie. It's been years and years since I read The BFG, but I remember it being my favorite of Roald Dahl's books and sadly the movie was a huge disappointment for me. I found it boring and I was not a fan of the little girl who played Sophie. I found her annoying and there was nothing magical or clever about the movie.

Then, we did a girls' staycation relaxation thing with my sister and mom at a really, really nice hotel here on the island. If you guys follow me on Instagram, you might've seen my pictures, but I mostly just hung out by the pool the whole time. I'm not a fan of the beach.

July wasn't as chill as June because I had to start going to work and learn library procedures from the outgoing librarian. I did manage to read more in July than I did in June, but I'll do a separate post for all the books I read this summer and my favorites among them.

Have you read any of the books I got from ALA? I'm definitely picking up A Torch Against the Night first because I'm dying to see what's next for Elias and Laia. Then, maybe I'll pick up Caraval next because everyone who read it already seems to love it.

Until then...

Happy reading,

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