January and February Monthly Wrap-Up and Favorites + March TBR

Hello everyone,
Holy cow! Twenty-sixteen is seemingly breezing by at top speed and it's already March. How the heck did that happen?

How I Did with Reading and Blogging
So, I started the year off with a bang on the blogging front with a total of 12 blog posts. But, February was crazy times at work and, unfortunately, I fell behind with blogging with only seven posts. However, my reading didn't suffer as badly as my blogging did. I read a total of 13 books and 1 novella in January and February, which was really good for me considering I do almost all of my reading during the weekends. As of today, I am also on track with my Goodreads reading goal--I've read 17 books so far in my goal of reading 96 books this year.

The Books I Read in January & February
E-books: Firsts by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn, Midnight Pursuits and Midnight Action by Elle Kennedy, and Arrows by Melissa Gorzelanczyk

My favorite read in January was Firsts by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn (read my review here) and my February favorite was Midnight Action by Elle Kennedy closely followed by Midnight Captive by Elle Kennedy (it's really hard to decide, because both books were fantastic--actually I haven't read a book by Elle Kennedy I didn't enjoy).

TBR Jar Reads
Surprisingly, I am keeping up with my TBR Jar challenge. Woo-hoo!!

In January my pick was "historical romance" and I read The Lie and the Lady by Kate Noble. My February pick was "first book in a new series," but I ran out of time so I ended up reading it during the first week of March. I cheated a little bit there, but the important thing is that the book, Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins, was read.

My March pick is "next book in a series" and I am hoping to read The Skylighter by Becky Wallace, which is the sequel to The Storyspinner (I read it 2015 and loved it--my review here).

Other Bookish and Non-bookish January and February Favorites
Here are some other things I enjoyed (or still currently enjoying) during the first two months of 2016.

Arrow: I started watching Arrow on Netflix and I'm enjoying it a lot. I finished watching Season 1 and just started Season 2. I'm just waiting for Olicity to happen ever since I looked for Arrow gifs on Tumblr and found all the super cute and swoon-y Olicity ones.

Candle: My favorite candle was Frostbeard's Bookworm candle. I absolutely love the scent--apple, newsprint, and crayon. It speaks to my bookish nerd and teacher heart. I'm planning to review the Frostbeard candles I own by the end of this month, so be on the lookout for that post if you're interested in Frostbeard candles.

Song: I'm still listening to Hamilton the Musical. Proud #HamiltonTrash

Movie: Take Care (starring Leslie Bibb and Thomas Sadoski) via Netflix. I was bored one night and in the mood for a romantic comedy and I found Take Care. I didn't think I was going to enjoy it, because the trailer makes it seem like a HORRIBLE movie. But, I ended up loving it and have re-watched it many times since.

The premise is Frannie was in a bad car accident and broke her arm and leg. When she was released from the hospital, there was no one to take care of her so she contacts her ex-boyfriend and guilt-trips him into taking care of her. I do think it's a love it or hate it kind of movie, because the characters' actions might rub people the wrong way, but I loved it. I found it sweet and romantic, but real and the characters were very much flawed and even unlikable at times. I thought the dialogue and writing was smart, Bibb and Sadoski did a great job--there were certain looks, meaningful pauses, and quiet moments were spot on and conveyed much.

Etsy: I did a lot of shopping on Etsy and my wallet hates me for it. Besides all the bookish candles, I also bought some bookmarks. I just couldn't resist. They were all so pretty!
The 3 vertical bookmarks were from SkinnyHues and all the horizontal ones were from BehindthePages.
 March TBRHere are the books I plan to read in the month of March. All of these I am definitely for sure reading this month.

I already read In Real Life by Jessica Love (my review) and Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins (my review). I am planning on binge reading the Rephaim series this weekend, and I'll be part of the blog tour for Shimmer this coming Monday. I am hoping to read more this month, especially since I have a 2-week long spring break from work. 

Let me know if we share any favorites in January or February.

Happy reading,

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