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If you had a chance to stop by my Instagram page, you know that candles are my new obsession. And not just any kind of candles either--I can't get enough bookish candles. Today, I'm going to be reviewing one of my first bookish candle orders from Etsy.

Etsy ShopFrom the Page

Type: 8 ounce 1 wick soy candle

Fragrance: I got Leather Bound Books, 221B Baker Street, and Hobbiton.

Cost: $11.00 each (But there is a "Pick Three" option where you can mix and match 3 scents for $31.00, which I did to save a couple dollars.)

The candles came in 8 ounce glass jars with a silver lid. The jars feel very sturdy and they taper off a bit so you can rest the jar on the lid while you're using the candle, which is nice. This way I don't misplace lids.

The candles do come in different colors, depending on the theme. There's also a label on the glass jar with the candle's name and the scents, which I really appreciated, and a cute little picture that usually match the color of the candle.

While nothing extraordinary, the packaging is attractive and practical.

Overall, the scent strength of the three candles I purchased were above average. They weren't overwhelmingly strong, but I could can smell them from across a medium-sized room so the throw is much to my satisfaction.

221B Baker Street (black currant tea and leather)
This one is my favorite scent of the three. I love burning this one--it's really the perfect scent for a quiet reading night at home on the couch. It's a sweeter, less muskier, more feminine version of Leather Bound Books. It's very pleasant and relaxing--the smell of leather is still there, but it's secondary to the lovely smell of the black currant tea.

Leather Bound Books (leather with hints of musk and vanilla)
This one took some getting used to. The first time I took a whiff of it, I wasn't sure I was going to like it because while I like the leather smell by itself, the combination of vanilla gave it this sweet, leathery smell that didn't quite appeal to me. However, once I started burning it, it wasn't quite so pungent like smelling it from the jar.

Hobbiton (meadow and English garden)
This was my least favorite of the three in terms of scent. I was most excited for this one because I heard others describe it as having a freshly-mown grass smell, but all I got was a masculine soap smell--it really reminded me of an Irish Spring soap scent, which I don't enjoy. I immediately gave it to my dad, who loves the scent of it. If you like the smell of Irish Spring soap like my dad you'll enjoy this one, but it wasn't for me.

Burn Performance
Excellent! The shop said the candles burn for approximately 55 hours--I don't know about that, but I've had these candles for about two and a half months and I burn them for about 3-5 hours at a time, every other week and I'm just a little past the halfway point so they last pretty long.

They also burn evenly, as long as you let it burn long enough to so that the entire top is liquid wax, which doesn't take too long with these candles. There's no black smoke or soot and they've very clean. I trim the wick before lighting them up again (from previous use), and the soy wax stayed nice and clean all the way through. The burn performance for these candles are one of the best from my experience so far. I'm highly pleased with them.

Will I be ordering more from this shop? Definitely! From the Page has a lot of scents to chose from, based on some of my favorite books like Harry Potter and other classic novels. I want to try other scents from them especially now that I know their candles burn very, very well and the price with shipping to Hawaii is relatively less expensive compared to the other Etsy shops.

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