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Hello everyone,
Happy 2016! With the new year and a new blog name I feel revitalized and excited again to write posts about books and all things bookish. This year I kind of want to have a loose monthly schedule going.

In a nutshell, here's what I am hoping to do every month.

New Things
You guys might've noticed that since around summer time last year I stopped doing book haul posts here, and that's because I've been posting pictures of books I bought and get for review either on Twitter (new adult and romance novels) or Instagram (YA books) rather than here. I also have a Facebook page that features all three genres. I prefer taking pictures of the books as they arrive and shelving them rather than stacking them messily in the corner of my room and waiting until the end of the month.

Bookish candle!
If you guys had a chance to stop by my Instagram you might've seen that I've become quite the bookish candle addict the last couple of months. I've fallen in love with candles (especially the book-themed ones) and I want to talk about them and review them here. Expect bookish candle reviews at least once a month.

I also want to start doing a monthly wrap-up of all the books I read in a month, which will help me be accountable for my goal of reading at least 8 books every month. This will also give me a chance to talk about non-review books that I've read that I might not have had the chance to review, as well as highlight my monthly favorites and least favorites. I also want to include a little mini review of my TBR jar pick then.

More Of...
Romance, new adult, and YA are the three primary genre that will be covered here. However, there will be the occasional middle grade or general fiction book. I plan to post at least one book review every week. And since I enjoy participating in blog tours, expect to see a few every month.

I also want to start doing discussions or respond to an ongoing book-related discussion again. I used to do more a couple of years ago, not so much in the past year. They're fun to write, but I don't always have a topic in mind so they've fallen by the wayside. Hopefully this year I can do them again, if not every month then maybe every other month. Also, I plan on participating in a couple of memes once or twice a month--mainly Top Ten Tuesday. It's my favorite because I can get a lot of awesome book recs and give book recs in return.

These are my blogging plans for this year. It's kind of loosey-goosey, but I think a set schedule will be too much pressure and won't always work if it's a particularly busy time for me at my job. We'll see how it goes!

Happy reading,

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