Review: Owlcrate January Subscription Box

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If you follow me on Instagram, you might've seen my Owlcrate post. I finally gave in and subscribed in January. This was my first ever foray into book subscription service.

If you guys don't know what Owlcrate is, you can visit their website. But, basically, it's a monthly YA subscription box. The YA novel and 3-5 bookish goodies will be tailored to the different theme they have every month.

Why I Avoided Book Subscriptions
I've know about Owlcrate since about mid-2015. I follow their Instagram account and I enjoy watching Owlcrate unboxing videos on YouTube, but I've never been tempted to subscribe.

My main reason was you don't know what book you're getting. I'm the type of person of rarely buy books on a whim. I "research" my books before buying/accepting it for review it: read and compare reviews (both negative and positive), if it's a new to me author I look up their backlist titles and look at average ratings, I see if bloggers with similar reading tastes as me rated it favorably, I read a preview if it's available... I want to be sure it's a book I will enjoy (there's a reason why most of the books I review here are between 3-5 stars).

Also, it's expensive at $29.99 (plus shipping). I paid $33.99 (I had a 10% off coupon as a first-time subscriber)--with that money, I can buy 3 paperback books on Amazon. Books I actually know I'll enjoy because I would've researched them beforehand.

In early January Owlcrate announced that their January box will include a full-size Funko Pop. I love Pop figurines, so I thought why not? If it sucks I can always cancel my subscription. Also, the theme for January was Magic, which equals Harry Potter goodies.

Here's what was inside the January box.

As promised, the box contained a full-sized Funko Pop. According to the info card, they sent five different characters from the Harry Potter collection and my box contained Harry
My favorite item in the box!
The next thing was a Patronus lip balm from the Etsy shop Geek Fire Labs. It's a mint and white chocolate flavor. It smells good. I haven't tried it yet, though, so I can't say how it is on my lips. I do use lip balm daily so it's nice to have it.

The last two bookish goodies were an art print with a quote from Throne of Glass and a bookmark inspired by The Raven Cycle series. Both of these were created and designed by Evie Bookish (my favorite graphic designer of book-inspired items--I love her Society6 store!). They're both beautifully designed and printed on nice paper. They're nice to have and I'll probably appreciate them more once I continue on with ToG and start The Raven Cycle series.

The last thing was the book.
In the box was a copy of Worlds of Ink and Shadow by Lena Coakley. It came with a letter from the author and a paper doll kit. I have never heard of Worlds of Ink and Shadow until I got it my Owlcrate box. Of course, as soon as I saw what book I got I started to research it. It's a fantasy retelling based on the Bronte sisters, where they have the ability to jump into the stories they create. I'm not a fan of any of the Bronte sisters' works so I really don't have any interest in reading a retelling about them. And after reading the synopsis, reading a few pages of the book and reading reviews (both positive and negative), I really have no interest in reading Worlds of Ink and Shadow. It's not for me.

My biggest worry about book subscription boxes was that I wasn't going to like the book, which is the most important item and probably where most of my money went, and that's what happened here. I'm giving the Owlcrate January box

Renewing My Subscription?
Well, I haven't cancelled yet. I am skipping February's box (which is an option they give you) because Owlcrate recently hinted that one of the bookish items may be a pair of earrings and I'm not interested in those. Also, the theme is Sci-fi Love and I was looking at a list of sci-fi YA novels coming out in February and I'm not really interested in any of them. We'll see what the theme will be in March and see how it goes. I might give it another chance, or I may cancel completely.

I don't know, you guys. Maybe book subscription boxes are not for me. If it's just a bookish items subscription box without the book, I think I'd enjoy more because I do like all of the bookish things included in the January box. Owlcrate, please come up with a bookish items-only.

Are you subscribed to Owlcrate or another book subscription service? How did you like it?

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