2016 Bookish Goals

Hi everyone,
If you saw my post where I revisited my 2015 bookish goals last week you know that I only accomplished half of my goals. But, it's all good because 2016 is almost upon us and that means new bookish goals to tackle.

Here are my seven bookish goals for 2016.

1. Read 96 books.
I am going to set my Goodreads Challenge at 96 books because...

2. Read at least 8 books every month.
If I read 8 books every month for 12 months, I should be able to read 96 books by the end of 2016. However, I'm going to give myself some leeway because I know some months I'll be able to read more or months less than 8. That's fine. Hopefully, I'll be able to read around 7-8 books a month and won't fall too far behind.

3. Only buy up to 75 books in 2016.
I bought 148 books in 2015 and 195 books in 2014 so I have A LOT of unread books. I need to lessen the book buying and read the books I already own. I mean, 75 books is still a lot but I don't want to miss out on new releases that I'm dying to read.

4. TBR Jar.
I am going to try the TBR Jar challenge. Learn what a TBR Jar Challenge is here. However, I will be writing my own topics rather than using the topics outlined for the challenge. I'll do a separate post for my TBR Jar challenge.
Still need to decorate and
fill my TBR jar.

5. Visit at least 5 different blogs a week and leave at least one comment per blog.
I'm good with visiting blogs, but I really suck at commenting.

6. Keep connecting with the book blogging community on Twitter, Instagram and other social media.
Towards the end of 2015, I was able to make some book blogging friends on Twitter and even participated on a couple of buddy reads. I want to keep that up because it makes blogging even more fun and interesting.

7. Write everything down in a physical notebook.
In 2015 I used Goodreads, GoogleDocs, and Google Calendar to keep track of the books I read and bought and scheduling review books and blog posts. They worked for me and I'm planning to keep using them but, in 2016 I also want to write everything down by hand. There's something innately satisfying and personal in writing things down in an actual notebook and I want to give it a go.

I am so excited to get started on these. I've written them down on my notebook so they're always within sight and won't forget them like I did my my 2015 goals.

What are your 2016 bookish goals?
Happy New Year!! May 2016 bring you all the amazing books.
Happy reading,

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