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I am excited for this post because I got to play Would You Rather with author Kim Karr. Her book Toxic came out yesterday. It's my first book by Kim and really enjoyed it--I'll also be sharing my thoughts below. But in case you don't know what Toxic is about:

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not...

In Toxic, Jeremy McQueen, a sexy, intense, sometimes brooding entrepreneur goes after what he wants—the woman he left behind years ago. Phoebe St. Claire, a put together, in control socialite-turned-CEO has been drifting through life searching for something she thought she'd never find again—the right man to share her future.

Our passion was boundless. Our lust untamed. And our desire endless. He was the only man who ever made me feel alive. Then, I betrayed him.

When he reappeared, I didn’t question it. Trust rarely survives the wrecking ball, so when he let me in back in—I didn’t hesitate.

Maybe I should have.

What began as a bid to save my family business, turned into a second chance at love. It felt so romantic. Working together, side by side, with the man I loved. My dream come true.

Nothing is as good as it seems.

We had our issues, but then again, every couple does. It wasn’t jealousy, or our too-hot sex life that I should have been worried about.

It was his darkside.

I never saw the end coming, until it slammed me in the face. The question is—did he?

Was revenge his plan all along?

Toxic was my first book by Kim Karr and it made me eager to read more by her. 
When Jeremy and Phoebe met there was an instant connection between them. But Jeremy hated people with money and her father particularly, so Phoebe didn't tell him her true identity, and of course that ended in heartbreak. Fast forward years later and Phoebe met Jeremy again. Their connection was just as strong as ever and they have a second chance at love. They are older, wiser and there's no secrets this time... but can they let go of their past? Does Jeremy have a hidden agenda? Phoebe has a lot more to lose this time around, and it's not just her heart.

I love that Toxic was a standalone. I prefer getting the whole story in one novel and this one was a fast read. There was always something going on and I wanted to know what will happen next, whether it was something about Phoebe's friends (who had interesting secondary storylines themselves, especially Jaime), or with Phoebe and Jeremy's relationship drama, or Phoebe's business drama. There was always something going on.

Toxic had a lot more drama than the contemporary romances I prefer. And while I was really into the story there were times when I got annoyed with Phoebe and the constant back and forth, will-they-won't-they she and Jeremy had going on. And the main reason why was mostly because Phoebe was jealous of Avery, another woman who had her cap set on Jeremy, or Jeremy was jealous over something Phoebe said or did with another man. I'm not a fan of jealously as the "big" issue for a couple because in books it's usually an issue that will keep coming back over and over even after reassurances, and that happened here. 

I'm also not sure how I feel about Phoebe's character. I liked Jeremy; I thought he was more likable than Phoebe. He was a sexy, brooding, secretive bad boy with a complicated past, and usually I'm not a fan of that, but here it works. Maybe I was more forgiving of him because we see him through Phoebe's eyes and sometimes I felt like she was making a mountain out of a molehill when it came to some of the things she saw about him. I liked Phoebe (since the book was in her first-person narration I wouldn't have kept reading if I didn't) and I felt for her at times, but she did things and made assumptions and decisions that just added more drama. Like that whole thing with her ex-fiancee Dawson. The man basically assaulted her, and she let him stay over her house after. I don't care if he's an old friend--if a guy assaults you, you kick him out. I couldn't forgive her decision to let him stay in that instance.

But despite all of that, Toxic was an entertaining read. It was hard to put down at times and while the whole will-they-won't-they aggravated me, it also kept me reading because I rooted for Phoebe and Jeremy to work things out. I also really enjoyed the sizzling chemistry Phoebe and Jeremy had, which made for some very spicy sex scenes. And Jeremy's dirty mouth... **fans self** The man is HOT!! If you like your romances set in New York in the world of the rich and famous, with a lot of drama and heat, definitely pick up Toxic. I am looking forward to more by Kim Karr. I like her writing style and I like how she can turn up the heat. I am happy I already have the first two books in her Connections series in my Kindle because Toxic won't be the last book I read by her.

Author Kim Karr
Hi Kim! Thank you so much for stopping by our blog. Let's play the "would you rather" game. Please pick one of the 2 choices and briefly explain why. [These questions were from RayKayBooks's Would You Rather: Book Edition Tag.]

Be a librarian or a bookseller
Kim Karr: Hmmm…. Librarian I think because the library is quiet and I could sneak away and read. J
Michelle: Definitely librarian. I have the library degree and everything!

Read only trilogies or only standalone
KK: I love a series so trilogies. I get completely invested in the characters and hate to let them go.
M: I'm going to cheat a little bit and say I prefer standalones in a series where the books in the series are connected but each book follows different characters.

All your favorite books become movies or TV shows
KK: TV Shows so I could watch them every week.
M: TV shows for the same reason as Kim.

Only read your top 20 favorite books over and over or only always read new ones that you haven't read before
KK: Tough. New ones I think because I love the feeling I get when I’m trying to figure someone out.
M: New ones. While I like to read my favorite parts in books I love, I hardly re-read books from cover to cover.

Only read your favorite genre or every genre but your favorite
KK: Favorite genre because I know I’ll like what I’m reading.
M: Favorite genre for the same reason as Kim and also there's a lot of subgenres in contemporary romance so I'll never be bored anyway.

Only read physical books or only e-books
KK: EBOOKS. I love my Kindle. Take it everywhere and when I finish one book the next is waiting.
M: Physical books. I love seeing my physical books on my bookshelf and admiring their covers.

Kim, thank you for being game playing Would You Rather with me. Also, a huge thank you to Kelsea and Sullivan & Partners for connecting me with Kim. Connect with Kim on her Facebook, Twitter and her website.

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