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Hello everyone,
Five days from returning from the Philippines, I will be again traveling to San Francisco to attend the annual ALA conference. I went last year and I had a lot of fun and I am super excited to attend again this year.

One of the books I am hoping to get at ALA is Huntley Fitzpatrick's The Boy Most Likely To. But if not, the wait won't be very long (although I've been impatiently waiting for it since 2013) because it's coming out on August 18th.

Huntley Fitzpatrick is one of my all-time favorite contemporary YA authors. I absolutely loved her previous novels My Life Next Door (my review) and What I Thought Was True (my review) and I am particularly excited for The Boy Most Likely To because it's a companion novel to My Life Next Door--meaning we're going to see/get an update on Jase Garrett and Samatha Reed again, one of my favorite YA couples of all time.

To celebrate the release of The Boy Most Likely To PenguinTeen invited our blog to participate in posting some The Boy Most Likely To-related posts and the first one is coming up with a "blog most likely to" superlative and our blog is...

Except for middle grade books, it is a requirement that books have a romance in it for me to pick it up or add it on my ever-growing list of books-to-get.

Here are three of my all-time favorite YA books with a romance in them that exemplify what I think are the best YA romances out there. My Life Next Door and is not included here because, come on, it's a total given.

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
Set in Paris, the City of Love, where an unsuspecting American girl inexplicably meets a charming, English-accented, handsome guy all together made for a fantastic romance that I had me laughing, smiling, swooning, and sighing all throughout the read. These words alone do not give this YA romance justice--it is sooooo good and an absolute MUST READ (and re-read).

Something Real  by Heather Demetrios
I just love Chloe and Patrick's relationship. Patrick was the calm in the craziness that was Chloe's reality TV life. He's the best nice-guy love interest I've ever read.

Prodigy by Marie Lu (Legend #2)
I'm a sucker for those romances where the hero and heroine first start out hating each other and then slowly develop feelings for each other; Day and June from Marie Lu's Legend series is one of my favorite YA couples that had a romance just like that. In the first book Legend, they hated each other for the most part, but by the end of that book and thereafter in Prodigy and in Champion, I rooted for and sighed at how those two came ever more closer.

Do you share in my love and need for romance in novels? What do you say about these YA couples and romances? Let me know what you think!

Happy reading,


  1. Hi Michelle! I do share your love for romance in books and movies. But I could also go military-style and want pure action/adventure. But then, romance keeps the story alive for me. :) And you're Filipina, too, or just visiting friends/relatives? Hope you have a good time both in ALA and when you arrive in the Philippines.

    Precious @ Fragments of Life

  2. hi precious! i'm 100% filipina and was actually born in the philippines. i can speak both tagalog and ilocano :)

    ALA was fun, but I can't say my trip to the Philippines this time around was as fun since my family was there to attend my grandma's funeral but it's always great visiting the homeland.

    but, yes, i enjoy action/adventure books or any other genre but there must be a romance in there, no matter how small or inconsequential to the plot, for me to pick it up. romance is an essential ingredient for me in a novel :)


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