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Happy Friday! You know that book I gave a rare 5 star to the other day? We have a fun Kiss, Marry, Kill post with its author, Jessica Lemmon. And I am talking about Rescuing the Bad Boy, of course!


For Donovan Pate, the lake town of Evergreen Cove is a minefield of tough memories—including the day he had to let go of Sofie Martin. Years later, he still can’t forget the taste of her lips and the feel of her killer curves. He knows he’s too damaged, that he should stay away for her own good. But what the head says and the heart wants are two very different things…

Seven years ago, Donovan broke Sofie’s heart. Now her career depends on playing nice in order to pull off the charity fundraiser of the decade. She vows to keep things professional…yet working by his side every day doesn’t make it easy to fight temptation, and it isn’t long before she finds herself falling for this bad boy all over again. But loving Donovan means helping him face his past–so they can fight for a future together.

Who would you Kiss, Marry, Kill among these three and why:

Jessica Lemmon
So before we start, I have to clarify the rules. So here’s how I’m playing: “Kiss” means there is still sex involved, marry means you can’t sleep with them at all, and kill, well, I’d just push them off a cliff so I didn’t have to do any messy hand-to-hand combat. Okay, let’s do this!

Mr. Crawford (from Mansfield Park), Mr. Wickham (from P&P), Mr. Willoughby (from Sense & Sensibility)

Oh wow, you’ve got me here because I don’t do the classics! I’ll let people advise me in the comments. :)

Jamie Fraser, Christian Grey, Peeta Mellark

Evan Downey's sexy torso
This one’s easy! You “kiss” Jamie, because, hello Outlander: The Wedding episode, marry Christian because the lifestyle would be AMAZEBALLS and it would be really fun to see him suffer a sexless marriage, and kill Peeta because well, Peeta.

Evan Downey, Aiden Downey, Landon Downey

WHAT?! Goodness, this TOUGH… Hmm… I would marry Landon, because he’s a millionaire who lives in a penthouse in Chicago and wears sexy glasses. Then, I would marry Aiden because he rides a motorcycle, and is incredibly loving and loyal. But Evan, oh Evan… he’s a definite one for the “kiss” category because he’s got tattoos, is a really good “finger painter” and is a bit of a dirty talker, so who can resist that? (I know. I cheated. But I can’t kill one. I just CAN’T!)


If my gushy review is not enough to convince you all to give Rescuing the Bad Boy a try, here's an excerpt.

Her soft touch landed on Donovan’s arm, and the anger shuddering inside him shifted into an ache. She stepped closer, the warmth between them radiating enough heat to set him on fire. But like the fireplaces he built, he could handle it. He could handle the heat from her, not because he was impervious, but because he was strong enough to soak her in and not burn to ash.

She turned his arm where paint was drying. She swiped at it with her sleeve. “I made a mess.”

He’d forgotten about the paint. “Don’t… I can… There is a shower in the…” He lost his train of thought when she turned those emerald green eyes up to him. He watched her delicate throat work as she swallowed. His eyes traveled up her neck and landed on her mouth. Needing her mouth, he lowered his face, watched her eyes grow dark and wide, watched her lift her chin to meet him.

Heat. He wanted more. If only to test his own strength.

He moved his lips gently against hers, but resisted holding her to him. She held onto him though, grasping his forearms with both hands, her fingers wrapped around his elbows. Pressing her body against his, pressing her tits against his ribs.

Hell, sounded like an invitation to him. Deepening their connection, he thrust his tongue into her mouth, reached around, and grabbed her ass with both palms. When he squeezed, she sucked in a breath.

“Told you,” he rumbled.

“Told me?”

“Not a complaint, Scampi.” He squeezed again. “Perfect.”

A choked laugh left her throat. “Big.”

Still moving his hands over her backside, he said, “First thing I noticed about you at the Wharf.” He’d been plating up a chicken scaloppini when the manager walked in to show around a few new servers. Two he couldn’t remember, and Sofie. Bent over the plate, he’d peeked between the metal shelves framing that perfect ass . He’d stood to get a better look, and she’d pegged him with those moss-greens.

“Second thing I noticed was your eyes.”

Her lips parted slightly. “And the third thing?”

He kissed her. She tasted incredible. “The first time you talked to me.”

She rolled her eyes. “And what did I say?”

She didn’t think he remembered. She was wrong. “‘Can I get a side of cock?’”

Laughing, she shook her head.

He smiled back at her, unable to help himself. “Then you cleared your throat and said, ‘cocktail sauce’.”

Shaking her head, she said, “Worst abbreviation ever.”

“Kitchen guys are immature.”

She blinked up at him, studying him, like she was trying to piece him together. He didn't want her to. Once she pieced him together and had the whole picture, she wouldn’t like what she saw.

He kissed her again, keeping his hands on her body.

“Are you testing my boundaries?” she asked, her tone teasing. He recognized that comment from the night he rescued her from Torsett.

“Mine,” he corrected.

Sofie bit her lip. “I don’t date much.”

“Me either.” At all, actually.

She shook her head, more in thought than in argument. “I don’t think I have any boundaries with you.”

He was beginning to think he had none with her, either.

Have a great weekend everyone! If you had a chance to pick up Rescuing the Bad Boy, let me know. I've love to chat with you about it.

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P.S. My review of Bringing Home the Bad Boy (Evan Downey's book) can be found here. I really loved it too.

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