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Happy 1st of April! Today is my day to talk about A Kiss to Build a Dream On, a contemporary romance novel by Kim Amos (aka YA author Lara Zielin).

Twelve years ago, beautiful, blond, wealthy Willa Masterson left White Pine, tires squealing, for New York City, without looking back. Since then, she's enjoyed everything New York has to offer a girl with unlimited resources. But the recent discovery that her boyfriend has squandered her inheritance in a Ponzi scheme sends Willa back to White Pine, to the only asset she has left: her childhood home, which she plans to turn into a high-end B&B.

Enter Burk Olmstead, the best contractor in town-and Willa's high school boyfriend, whom she left high and dry when she moved away. Hard-working, hard-bodied Burk, who has been taking care of Willa's childhood home for years, also has plans for the beautiful old house-plans that conflict with Willa's B&B. When these two argue, sparks fly and reignite the fire that's always been between them...but it may take the whole town of White Pine to get these two lovers back together for good.

A Kiss to Build a Dream On is the first book in the White Pine series (book 2 is called And Then He Kissed Me and book 3 is Every Little Kiss--they're not out yet until later this year, but the cover and synopsis for both books are already on Goodreads so check them out via the links).

I'm supposed to review A Kiss to Build a Dream On for the blog tour, but unfortunately I haven't finish reading it yet so I cannot do a full review yet (it's my students' 3rd quarter report cards are due this week and somehow I'm always scrambling even though I try to stay on top of my grades throughout the quarter--but this means hardly no reading time for me). But I am going to share my initial thoughts about it now and then post my full review next week.

When I first heard of A Kiss to Build a Dream On I was immediately drawn to the title because it has the same title as one of my Louis Armstrong song (you know, this one). So, of course, I had to look more into it.

Then, I learned that it's set in a small town--I love small-town romances!

It's a second chance romane! I can't get enough of this trope.

The heroine was a former mean girl who broke the hero's heart in high school when she moved away from the tiny town of White Pines without looking back. I love me a former mean girl!

Basically, this book was calling my name. So, of course, I had to pick it up. And I'm always looking for new contemporary romance authors to read because it's my favorite genre.

I'm not very far in (a measly 29 pages--I'm about to start chapter 3) BUT I already really like it. I like the author's writing, her voice. If I had more time, I'd totally power through it because Willa Masterson is fun and Burke is a sexy, gruff contractor and I can already sense the sexual tension between them. Burke has these (very understandable) antagonistic feelings towards Willa but he's still very much attracted to her. I love it when the hero and/or heroine dislike each other at first. It makes everything more interesting.

A Kiss to Build a Dream On kind of has that Jill Shalvis/Lucky Harbor feel to it, with kind of similar brand of humor. I really, really like it! I cannot wait for read more of A Kiss to Build a Dream On. I have a feeling it's going to be a 4-star or a 4.5-star read for me.


If you haven't heard of A Kiss to Build a Dream On I hope I piqued your interest. I'm sorry I didn't finish reading it in time for this blog tour post so I can't give my full thoughts on it. But if you're interested, add it to your Goodreads. 

About the Author

A Midwesterner whose roots run deep, Kim Amos is a writer living in Michigan with her husband and three furry animals.

Visit Kim's website for more info on A Kiss to Build a Dream On, as well as the upcoming books in the series. She's also on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest (she has boards dedicated to each of her books and you can see which celebrities she pictured for Burke and Willa and also some photo inspirations for the B&B they're converting in the novel).

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