Interview with Gaby from the Rephaim Series by Paula Weston (Blog Tour Part 1/2)

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I am so excited to be part of the Haze blog tour. If you had a chance to catch my review of Shadows a year ago, you know how much I LOVED it. I am so happy that I got a chance to be part of the blog tour again with Tundra Books (thank you! thank you!) for Haze.

I decided to split my post in two so it wouldn't be too long. This one, part 1, will have my interview with one of the characters in the Rephaim series, Gaby! Part 2 will be my thoughts about Haze (spoiler alert: there's much gushing).

First, though, here's what Haze is all about.

"But what if we can’t find Jude?"

He leans closer. His breath is warm on my ear. "We will."

"How can you be so sure?" I want to believe him so badly, but this is Rafa. The guy who’s all action and no plan. His smile is tired, knowing. An echo of a shared past I don’t remember.

"Because I’m not smart enough to give up, and you don’t know how to."

Gaby Winters’ nightmares have stopped but she still can’t remember her old life. Still can’t quite believe she is one of the Rephaim—the wingless half-angels who can shift from place to place, country to country, in the blink of an eye. That she was once the Rephaim’s best fighter. That demons exist. That Rafa has stayed.

But most of all, she can’t quite believe that her twin brother, Jude, might be alive.

And Gaby can’t explain the hesitancy that sidetracks the search for him, infuriates Rafa, and sends them, again, into the darkest danger.

Author Paula Weston
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Hi Gaby! Thank you so much for stopping by to chat with me. Thanks for asking. Most people aren’t that keen to strike up a conversation with me. I must be mellowing.

What is your current favorite song in your iPod? 
I keep humming Foo Fighter songs ("Long Road to Ruin" is stuck on a loop at the moment), but on my iPod, it’s a track by Dan Sultan called "Under Your Skin" ( It’s got attitude and a great hook. I’ve been listening to a lot of Australian music in the past year: The John Butler Trio, Stonefield and Birds of Tokyo also get a thrashing on the iPod.

What is your current favorite movie? 
I haven’t been to the movies in ages (no cinema in Pan Beach and Maggie and I can’t afford cable), but a few weekends ago we were hanging out at Simon’s and watched Divergent. I liked it: faithful to the book, well cast and a budget to do the setting justice.

And who is your favorite author and why? 
I'd have to go with Marcus Zusak. The Book Thief was the first thing I read after the accident (or whatever it was that happened last year) and I got totally lost in the story to the point I forgot about everything else for a while. It took a pretty special book to do that. Of course, it made me cry at the end… But then I found his earlier books in the library and read them too. Australians made a bit more sense after reading The Messenger and the Wolf Brothers books.

Mila Kunis via Vogue UK
Do you have a celebrity doppelganger? 
Maggie says I look like Mila Kunis but I’m at least a foot taller, and I’ve got a lot more scars.

With your current, confounded knowledge of your actual past, name one characteristic or event that you admire most about your past self?
Given it’s saved my life more than once, I’d have to say fighting skills. I still wish I knew what I was doing, but I’m starting to trust that if I get in trouble, those old instincts will kick in. Or at least I’m more optimistic I can hold my own in a fair fight.

What are you top five places to visit (or re-visit)?
It’s hard to think about travelling without thinking about Jude, so maybe it’s easier to tell you the five places we had the most fun together (or, at least, the places I remember us having fun together):
- Peru: hiking up to Machu Picchu. Huge moment for both of us when we caught our first sight of the ruins at dawn.
- Switzerland: bungee jumping from a cable car (even though it scared the crap out of me).
- Cinque Terra, Italy: we ate so much food in those five fishing villages, but we walked or ran most of it off.
- Istanbul, Turkey: Jude loved the noise and bustle of the Grand Bazaar (and the hookah pipes) and I loved the breathtaking beauty of the Blue Mosque.
- Santorini, Greece: So much sun and sea, and wine and seafood. And galaktoboureko, a sweet Greek pastry that one of my favourite foods in the world.

Name one thing from your bucket list.
Honestly, there’s nothing I can imagine doing on that list with Jude.


I hope you all enjoyed my interview of Gaby! A huge thank you goes to author Paula Weston for making this interview with Gaby possible. For more info, Paula Weston and the Rephaim series visit Paula's website, chat with Paula on Twitter and the Rephaim on Facebook. And if you haven't already
Add the Rephaim series by click on the button above.

Oh, and another fun thing I did as a participant of this blog tour was take a quiz to see which character I am most like in the Rephaim series and...

Yep! I'm Ez. Wanna know who Ez is? You gotta read the book! Trust me, you need to pick this series up even if you think you're over paranormal YA. The Rephaim series is sooooo good!

Happy reading,

P.S. If you missed my non-spoiler review of Haze, you can find it here.

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