We're Bringing Back the Star Ratings... With Reluctance

Hello everyone,
You might have noticed that my last few reviews included star rating ratings at the end of them and that's because we've decided to bring them back.

More than a year ago, we made the decision to not include them on our reviews because we thought the words in our reviews should speak for themselves. It's so hard to give a book a rating that encompasses everything the book made us feel or not feel.

We may give two books the exact same rating but that rating may not weigh the same. For example, this year I gave both The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski (my review) and The Lost by Sarah Beth Durst (my review) four stars. I gave The Edge of Never four stars because I had so much fun reading it. I flew through it so quickly and it started my love for new adult that I couldn't give it a lower rating. But in terms of quality does it compare to Sarah Beth Durst's beautiful, lyrical writing? No. I gave both books four stars but for very different reasons.

There were also times when, after some months have passed since rating a book, I go back and change my star ratings because I felt I was too nice and gave a book too high of a rating, or I was too harsh and gave too low of a rating. Star ratings are so just too subjective!

BUT! But, we're bringing them back to our blog. Sigh.

In addition to Goodreads, we started cross-posting many of our reviews on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and on those sites you're required to give a rating. I also end up giving a star rating on Goodreads because I'm OCD enough that it bothers me when I don't. And since we're forced to give ratings on those other sites anyway, we might as well just do it here on the blog too.

We know many readers like them and find them helpful... and, as reader, I find them very helpful. When I need a second opinion on a book that I'm contemplating on buying, I especially seek out both positive and negative reviews to help me make my decision. The star ratings give a quick snapshot of what I can expect from a paragraphs-long (I prefer longer reviews!) thoughts of a reviewer. They save time because I don't have to skim a review to figure out if the person loved it, hated it or somewhere in between.

It's just when the tables are turned and I'm offering my opinion as a "reviewer" that giving a star rating drives me nuts... I tend to just over think it.

So, here's our star rating system. We made it so it's very much like the Goodreads rating because it keeps things simple.

Most of the books we review here on our blog will most likely be rated between 4 and 3 stars, with the occasional 5-star book and very rarely 1 star... It's just that we know what books we like to read and we hardly pick up any that we suspect we are going to hate.

What do you all think of star ratings? As reviewers and/or as readers.

Happy reading,


  1. It happens the same to me. I don't think stars explain why I like or dislike a book , and sometimes I want to change the number of stars later..... But I still use them to show how much I liked a book. Also, I don't have many books reviews with low stars but that's because if I don't like a book I don't even finish it and why review it? Also I'm more careful with the books I pick to read, most of them I'm sure I'm going to like.

  2. Ditto what you two and Gaby have said, 100%.


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