Booktubing on YouTube + BookTubeAThon 2014

Hello bookish friends,
Do any of you watch "booktube" (YouTube videos about books and reading)? Because I'm a HUGE booktube fan. I get my all book reviews and book recs from both written blogs, Goodreads, Amazon and through YouTube.

I used to make booktube videos too, but unfortunately I was never consistent because they take so much time to do. Mostly because I'm not an articulate speaker so it takes me several "takes" to get everything I want to say and the editing process is so long. I have to edit out all the long pauses, the umms..., the non-sensical stuff and the awkward talking when my Filipino accent kicks in (which happens when I'm flustered).

But it's BookTubeAThon time again. If you're not familiar, BookTubeaThon is a week-long reading marathon with seven challenges you must do with in the week to "win" (there are no real prizes except reading glory). For more info, go here to the official YouTube page.

Anyway, I'm participating again this year. Last year was a huge fail for me so I'm attempting it again. Here's my video with all of the books I plan to read and will also fulfill the challenges.

Happy reading,


  1. Oh this sounds fun! My cousin was just asking me why I don't do videos to go on the blog. Maybe this is a sign lol

  2. you should totally do it!! doing video book hauls are always fun and the easiest to do in my opinion. and people love watching them :D


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