Review: TANGLED and TWISTED by Emma Chase + TWISTED Excerpt

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I am going to be sharing my thoughts about Emma Chase's Tangled and its sequel Twisted, which is set two years after the end of Tangled

So, I've seen Tangled around for a while but I hesitated picking it up (despite the high ratings and rave reviews) because it was expensive. $7.99 for an e-book? No thank you! But then I got Twisted in the mail last week for (unsolicited) review and I can't read read Twisted without reading Tangled... sigh... I caved. I bought Tangled, read it in a day and then picked up Twisted and read it in a day. 

Here are the super sexy covers.

Guys, these books are so ADDICTING! They're like sour cream flavored potato chips. Once you start you have to finish the bag, or in this case finish the book. You cannot just read one chapter. You have to FINISH THE BOOK!

You can read the full description of Tangled here and the full description of Twisted here. But basically in Tangled Drew Evans tells us how he went from an investment banker who made multi-million deals from his clients and seducing the women of New York to a depressed, miserable slug who refused to leave his apartment. He said he has the flu but really it's Kate that hit him. The one woman who gave him as good as he gave. Twisted is two years after Tangled. If you thought Drew and Kate lived happily ever and it's all rainbows and puppies for them after Tangled. Nope. 

Okay, so my thoughts about Tangled and Twisted.

If my comparison to Tangled and Twisted and sour cream potato chips didn't say it already, here it is: these books are awesome with a capital A-W-E-S-O-M-E. They are so much fun and entertaining and funny and romantic and cute and... just a delight to read.

The thing that stood out to me the most when I first began Tangled was Drew's voice. He told the entire story in first person in a very conversational way. There was a lot of second-person in his telling and at first I was uncomfortable with it because it wasn't something I was used to but then the more I read the more it grew on me. It worked!

Drew is also not your typical romantic hero. He was arrogant, crude, extremely cocky and a downright prick at times but you cannot help but like him anyway. He personifies the "lovable scoundrel." And when Kate came into the picture and didn't back down from anything Drew threw at her, it was great! I loved their conversations and banter. Their chemistry was great and they made some very steamy scenes. They were perfect together.

Tangled flowed, it was snappy and it was just a very easy read.

Coming from the high that was Tangled my expectation for Twisted was up there. Like I mentioned, it was set two years after the ending of Tangled. This time we see things from Kate's perspective.

Drew and Kate were happy but a terrible misunderstanding tore them apart. Kate went back to Greenville, Ohio where she grew up while Drew stayed in New York.

What Drew did was TOTALLY messed up. I was worried that I'll be unable to forgive him for what he did. He needed to do some MAJOR grovelling for me (and Kate) to forgive him. I don't know, you guys. I thought Kate didn't make him work too hard for it... I thought he should've grovelled a bit more. But, but in the end I was okay that Kate took him back because I was pulling for them to be together.

Also, through the mess Kate did gain inner strength she didn't know she had and was able to reflect on her relationship with Drew. And Drew realized just how important Kate was in his life. It made them face and work through issues that both didn't know were there and they became a stronger couple for it.

It was great seeing things from Kate's perspective. I liked visiting Greenville and Kate's old haunts. Twisted gave us a better picture of who Kate was and where she came from. We also see a different side of Billy Warren (outside of Drew's gray colored glasses) and he's actually a sweet guy.

My one other big complaint in Twisted (besides Kate taking Drew back too quickly) was that Kate's voice sounded a lot like Drew's very distinctive voice--it was explained that since they lived together for two years that she picked up on his way of talking but still... I don't know if I fully buy that. Drew's voice was just so distinctive, you know? Her voice could've been a bit more... Kate.

Overall, Tangled and Twisted was freakin' AWESOME. Yes, I had some issues with Twisted but really they're minor and didn't take away from my enjoyment of the novel. Do no let these books pass you by. If you're a romance reader, NA reader or enjoy contemporary romance, Tangled and Twisted are a MUST-read. If you want a break from your typical contemporary romances, then give Tangled and Twisted a try. You won't be sorry. 

And for those of you who loved Tangled and are scared of picking up Twisted. I hear ya. I was all, Drew, how could you?! too. But in the end, I was okay because there was growth there for both Kate and Drew and their relationship.

I am very much looking forward to reading Tamed.

Oh, and here is a pivotal scene from Twisted. Enjoy!

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