Review: Cress by Marissa Meyer

Format: ARC
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Pages: 550 pages
Release Date: February 4, 2014
Source of my copy: publisher
Synopsis (from Goodreads)
Rapunzel’s tower is a satellite. She can’t let down her hair—or her guard. In this third book in the bestselling Lunar Chronicles series, Cinder and Captain Thorne are fugitives on the run, with Scarlet and Wolf in tow. Together, they’re plotting to overthrow Queen Levana and her army. Their best hope lies with Cress, who has been trapped on a satellite since childhood with only her netscreens as company. All that screen time has made Cress an excellent hacker—unfortunately, she’s just received orders from Levana to track down Cinder and her handsome accomplice. When a daring rescue goes awry, the group is separated. Cress finally has her freedom, but it comes at a high price. Meanwhile, Queen Levana will let nothing stop her marriage to Emperor Kai. Cress, Scarlet, and Cinder may not have signed up to save the world, but they may be the only ones who can.



Now that I have that out of my system, I can be sane enough to tell all of you that I absolutely LOVED Cress, the third book of Marissa Meyer's Lunar Chronicles series--a.k.a., my favorite series of all time (next to Harry Potter). It had everything: suspense, action, romance; I had really high expectations for this novel, and I'm so happy to say that they were all met more than ever before.

Before I go into what I generally liked about the novel, I want to talk about the new heroine Cress. Cress was such an interesting character. She was sweet and innocent (well, when she wasn't trying to be a vicious tiger), and I loved how she was very imaginative and a total romantic. At first, I wasn't sure if I'd really like her, considering that from the first few chapters she came off as naive and immature, but as I got to know more about her, I actually saw much of myself in her, more than in any heroine or character in the Lunar Chronicles series (so far). Like all the other female characters, Cress too had a convenient talent that made her a great addition to the team: she was a computer prodigy who was a master at hacking, and I loved her nerdiness, especially since I'm not a tech person myself, so I was really amazed by all the complexity. My only complaint is really on the book itself: unlike in Cinder and Scarlet, there wasn't much emphasis on Cress in Cress. Sure, there were more chapters focused on her and her whereabouts than on the other characters, but I was really hoping to learn a little more about her than I actually did since she was a new character and the book is titled after her. Still, Cress was a character I grew to love , and I look forward to learning more about her in the next--LAST--book.

Cress was packed with suspense and action: throughout the whole novel, I kept screaming aloud (or in my head, if my situation called for it), "AHHHHHHHHHHH!!" because I was so invested in the story, so worried for my favorite band of misfits and rebels, that I had to react--and as loudly as that. I swear, Meyer wrote Cress with the sole purpose to make my heart beat irradically and irregularly, for there were so many plot twists and turns and so much fighting and mind-bending action that I felt like I was caught in the middle of it all.

And, ohmigosh, the romance!!! SO ADORABLE!! I can't go into detail, or otherwise I risk spoiling Cress for all of you as I go into my hyper romantic self, but I will say that, as always, a new romance is introduced, but unlike the others, it was built more slowly, subtle and sweet; it wasn't, at all, an in-your-face-they-are-totally-in-lurve, and I found that really refreshing. Meyer also develops the other romances that have been introduced in the Lunar Chronicles (i.e., Cinder and Kai, and Scarlet and Wolf), and they too were super cute and swoon-worthy. I can't wait to see these couples' (hopefully, maybe) happily ever after in the last book Winter.

All in all, Cress--no, scratch that--the entire Lunar Chronicles is a MUST READ. I can't promote this series, Meyer's books, enough. I absolutely love them, and I believe anyone who loves their fairy-tale retellings and/or dystopian YA novels and wouldn't mind some really kick-butt heroines will definitely love Meyer's books as much as I do.

February 2015 can't come soon enough--I need Winter NOW!! ...Please?

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