I'm In Reading Heaven... But It Ends Today

Hello bookish friends,
In the last month I've been in reading heaven.

I'm done with school and I don't have a job [yet] and I can finally JUST READ and do ALL the bookish things I was wishing I could do when I was in grad school and up to my knees in writing papers and doing research.

In my month of bookish heaven...

1. I can dedicate most of the hours in the day reading with minor distractions (e.g., hunger, the call of nature, the urge to play a rousing game of Candy Crush and finally pass level [insert ridiculously hard level here], my mom calling me to remind me to prepare something for dinner...)

2. I can stay up 'til dawn to finish a particularly riveting read--something I can't do if I have to get up at 6 AM to go to work and be able to function.
Michelle & Aubrey sniffing books!
3. I read whatever the heck I want (aka read from my non-review books TBR pile) and still have time to read review books.

4. I'm ahead 6 books for my Goodreads reading challenge!

5. I can catch up on my favorite TV shows without sacrificing my reading time.
Ichabod <3 <3
6. I wrote blog posts ahead of time rather than the night before a post is supposed to be up.

7. My biggest dilemma is deciding which book I want to read next.

8. Catch Epic Reads' #TeaTime live show (watching it later is not the same).

9. Join author chat events and Twitter parties during the day.

10. Rearrange my bookshelf for the umpteenth time.
Is there anything more awesome than a bookshelf you can swing on?!

But all good things must come to an end because I found a job** and I'm starting work today. **Sigh** Because as much as I love being in bookish heaven, it really sucks not having any money.

But on the bright side, once I get my first paycheck, I'll finally have money to buy books again. So, YAY!!

Have a great weekend and happy reading,

**It's not a library job like I want but it's still a good one. I'm going to be a teacher again--kindergarten this time around.


  1. Oh yes, I had a long break as well and mine just ended last week! I totally know how it feels. All the freedom. <3 Congratulations on getting a new job though!

  2. Hope your new job is going well! I feel ya on missing out on all that free time to read but it makes it that much sweeter when you are tired from a long day at work and you can find some comfort in a book? Right? Right? Right? (I'm also trying to convince myself of this.) haha. xo


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