Review: See Jane Run by Hannah Jayne

Format: e-ARC
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Pages: 288 pages
Release Date: January 7, 2013
Source of my copy: publisher via Netgalley
Synopsis (from Goodreads)
I know who you are.
When Riley first gets the postcard tucked into her bag, she thinks it's a joke. Then she finds a birth certificate for a girl named Jane Elizabeth O'Leary hidden inside her baby book.
Riley's parents have always been pretty overprotective. What if it wasn't for her safety...but fear of her finding out their secret? What have they been hiding? The more Riley digs for answers, the more questions she has.
The only way to know the truth? Find out what happened to Jane O'Leary.

I was excited to read See Jane Run because the plot kind of reminded me of Caroline B. Cooney's The Face on the Milk Carton, which I read and remember enjoying a lot in middle school.

See Jane Run was a fairly quick read but I had issues with this book. I read it all the way through and the build up was good--the plot kept me guessing and forming theories and explanations in my head. But the way it concluded was kind of a let down and everything was tied up too neatly.

I didn't connect with any of the characters, especially Riley. She was too quick to jump to the conclusion that her parents kidnapped her. Really? She couldn't give the people who took care of her, loved her and provided for her the benefit of the doubt? Sure, they're weirdly overprotective, reluctant to give her answers and gave her dubious anxiety pills but I still felt bad for her parents. Also, Riley was eighteen (seventeen?) years old in the story but some of her immature actions and thought processes... the whole time I was reading I saw her as someone younger. Fourteen or fifteen maybe.

Then, at different points of the novel we were introduced to these suspicious sinister-seeming adults and I kept waiting for their characters to be realized but they just kind of fizzled out. It felt like they were just there with the sole purpose of having as many suspects as possible to confuse the reader and not necessarily because they add to the plot.

See Jane Run kept me guessing so I was able to finish reading the novel but I had too many issues with it to give a strong recommendation. But if you're a fan of suspenseful YA you might just like this one. Borrow it from the library.

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