Michelle's Thoughts About Catching Fire the Movie

Hello fellow book nerds,
Happy Thanksgiving!! May your day be filled with happiness with your family, yummy foods and lots of great reading.

Peeps, I finally saw Catching Fire the movie!! And I saw it with some of my favorite people from library school... a bunch of future librarians all going to see a movie based on a book we all read? Yeah, it was awesome.

As for the movie itself, I LOVED it. I had a couple of issues, but I will get to that later. First, the things I loved:

  1. The Hunger Games was amazing but Catching Fire is even better. 
  2. It's been years since I read Catching Fire and my memory was a bit fuzzy but it was evident that they stuck close the books's story line. Great job, Hollywood!
  3. In The Hunger Games the CGI looked totally fake but in Catching Fire, it was 100% better. 
  4. The costumes (especially the Capitol clothes) were much better and looked more luxe rather than cheap, alien rejects.
  5. Jennifer Lawrence is just as bad-ass as she was in The Hunger Games. They really hit the nail in the head when they cast her as Katniss. I admit I had my doubts in the beginning about her but now I cannot picture any young actress who can do a better job.
  6. Josh Hutcherson (Peeta) and Liam Hemsworth (Gale) were okay actors. They don't really stand-out and I'm okay with that because I'm not watching the movie for the cute boys (this time) or the romance. I'm watching it for Katniss and rooting for her to triumph over President Snow.
  7. And speaking of... Donald Sutherland plays a mean President Snow. 
  8. Catching Fire is two and a half hours long but it didn't feel that way. It went really fast and I wish it was longer. 
  9. It was great seeing Oahu (North Shore, the tropical rainforest with typical-Hawaii plants and trees, the familiar mountain range) in the movie. 
  10. For me, because I hardly go to the movies because I'm a big ole cheapskate and I think Hollywood is robbing us by making us pay $11 per movie (I much prefer to wait for the DVD to come out because then I can get it via Redbox for way, way less) the way I measure a movie is whether I'd pay the "big bucks" to see it again a second time. My answer for Catching Fire is a huge YES!!
My issues with Catching Fire.

1. I'm Team Peeta all the way and I disliked that way he was portrayed in the movie. He seemed too weak--the-boy-with-the-bread in distress. Katniss was treating him like a fragile baby. Peeta is in his own way pretty bad-ass in the novel but I didn't really see any of that in the movie.
2. I know Hollywood is playing up the love triangle but there's too much kissing! I'm all for kissing but Katniss was kissing the boys too many times that it loses its special-ness and impact.

But other than those two things I loved everything about the movie. If you haven't seen it yet, SEE IT!! If you have, let's discuss here or you can hit me up on Twitter (@chelleyreads).

Leslie is going to see it this weekend and I am so excited because then I can finally talk to her about it.

May the odds be ever in your favor,
Happy Thanksgiving!! Nom, nom, nom...


  1. I really loved the movie as well. I think Catching Fire was even better than the first movie. I do love Jennifer as Katniss because it just seems to fit. I agree with you that they did a good job of keeping in line with the books so far and I do love the acting in this movie and that the movie kept the original messages that the books give. I felt Jennifer might have even added more depth to Katniss than what was seen in the book. I love that in this movie it was about way more than just the Hunger Games happening a second time, it was about all of the people trying to rise up and rebel against the Capitol and wanting something more for themselves. It was just a powerful movie and went beyond the story in some aspects.

    Glad you loved it. May the odds be ever in your favor!

  2. We are pretty much on the same page as you (except that we thought both guys did a good job with their roles -- it's more the directorial choices that we maybe didn't like as much). Anyway, so glad you loved it! We too can't wait to see it again. ;)

  3. I want to read this book even more now! A medieval-ish dystopian? That sounds pretty cool. I like the mesh of genres and time periods. Great review, Michelle!

  4. Great thoughts, I loved the movie and thought Catching Fire was absolutely brilliant! Best movie I've seen this year. It occurred to me that Katniss kissing both Peeta and Gale made her seem a bit skanky, because the complexity in her feelings and those being developed for Peeta don't really come across in the movie. JLaw is an AWESOME actress though, perfect as Katniss!

    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence


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