Video Q+A with Author Maya Banks

Before you all go off to your weekend adventures, stop by and watch my video interview with Maya Banks.

So, to celebrate the release of the third book in the Breathless series, Burn, I was contacted a few weeks ago by Caroline of Sullivan and Partners to take part in a super cool interview with author Maya Banks, where I would ask my questions over the phone and she would answer in a video.

I, being a huge Maya fan, was all YES!! But with the time difference (Hawaii vs. New York) I couldn't do it live. Still, I was able to send in my questions for Maya to answer so YAY!!

Watch the video in which I ask Maya about her favorite genre to write, her writing schedule and the heroines (Mia, Bethany and Josie) of the Breathless series.
If you can't see the video above for some reason, view it here.

If you're not familiar with the Breathless series, it follows three billionaire best friends and business partners Gabe, Jace and Ash. Each book in the series follows one of the men and their sensual, erotic and emotional road to happily ever after with the one woman they are destined to love. Visit Goodreads for more info about each of the books in the series.

A bit thank you to Maya for answering my questions and Sullivan and Partners for making this interview possible. For more info about Maya Banks' novels, visit her website, follow her on Twitter and Facebook. Let me know what you think of the interview!

Have a great weekend everyone and, as always, happy reading. ^_^

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  1. To be perfectly honest, the books don't sound like they're our type of reads... but those covers are fantastic! We could be tempted to buy them just for that, haha.


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