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Happy Friday everyone!
Tomorrow I will be posting my review of one of my favorite reads of 2013--you might have already heard of it since there's a lot of buzz surrounding it's release. I'm talking about All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill!
"You have to kill him."

Imprisoned in the heart of a secret military base, Em has nothing except the voice of the boy in the cell next door and the list of instructions she finds taped inside the drain.

Only Em can complete the final instruction. She’s tried everything to prevent the creation of a time machine that will tear the world apart. She holds the proof: a list she has never seen before, written in her own hand. Each failed attempt in the past has led her to the same terrible present—imprisoned and tortured by a sadistic man called the doctor while war rages outside.

Marina has loved her best friend James since the day he moved next door when they were children. A gorgeous, introverted science prodigy from one of America’s most famous families, James finally seems to be seeing Marina in a new way, too. But on one disastrous night, James’s life crumbles apart, and with it, Marina’s hopes for their future. Now someone is trying to kill him. Marina will protect James, no matter what. Even if it means opening her eyes to a truth so terrible that she may not survive it. At least not as the girl she once was.

All Our Yesterdays is a wrenching, brilliantly plotted story of fierce love, unthinkable sacrifice, and the infinite implications of our every choice.
And let me tell you guys that all the buzz is well-deserved. All Our Yesterdays will blow your socks off. It certainly did mine!

So, to get ready for the release on September 3rd, Cristin Terrill released some fun extra: a web series called "Past is Prologue," a prequel of sorts of the novel. Webisodes #1-3 are already out--check them out below. So far we've meet Em, Finn and the Doctor. I'm excited to see #4.

Web series #1: We meet Em

Web series #2: We meet Finn <3 <3

Web series #3: We meet the Doctor

I'm not sure when #4 will be released, but if you follow Cristin on Twitter or Facebook she'll let you know. You can also visit her website for more info about All Our Yesterdays.

To read all my thoughts about All Our Yesterdays and why I think Finn is the best, stop by tomorrow to read my review.

Have a great weekend everyone and happy reading,

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  1. What a cool idea! We hadn't heard about this project, but it seems like a great, unique way to build buzz and introduce readers to the characters.


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