Michelle and Leslie's #FridayReads

Hello bookish friends,
YAY! It's Friday!! And Friday = #fridayreads and we want to tell you about ours and share a short scene from the chapter we are currently on (no worries, no spoilers here).

As you can tell by our happy smiles and enthusiastic thumb ups, Leslie and I are both in the middle of reading an awesome books today.

I [Michelle] am reading My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick and I'm currently on chapter 23 of My Life Next Door. I really like this visual of Samantha and Jase--
We wind up in the backyard, because everything inside my house is so hard and formal, no comfortable place to sit and lounge. Jase lies on his back in the grass on our sloping lawn, and I lie, crossways, with my head on his stomach...
I'm very surprise by how much I'm liking My Life Next Door. It's sooooo GOOD! I wish I read it sooner. It's the perfect summer read.

And, fyi, My Life Next Door came out in paperback yesterday. It's less than ten bucks now--get it!! Or borrow it from your library. Just get your hands on it now!!

Here's Leslie...

I'm reading Prodigy by Marie Lu and if you guys didn't know, Day and June switch off at every chapter so us readers get both of their first person perspective. I'm currently Day's perspective on page 194 (of an ARC edition)--
"Keep those soldiers busy, yeah? Make them hate you."

"That's my specialty." I gesture up at the slanted roofs and crumbling walls towering around us. To a Runner, those roofs are like giant slides made smooth by ice. I say a silent thanks to Tess--already the blue pill is warming me up from the inside out, as soothing as a bowl of hot soup on an icy evening.
Just as amazingly awesome and exciting as Legend. I'm totally lovin' it!! If you guys haven't picked up the Legend series, you gotta.

What is your #fridayreads? We wanna know!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. :)

Happy reading,
Leslie & Michelle

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