New Shelf Additions (23)

Hello everyone,
We haven't done one of these posts for almost a month. We don't really have much in terms of physical books but here's what came:
The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen (unsolicited review book)
Loki's Wolves (Blackwell Pages #1) by by K.L. Armstrong and M.A. Marr (won)
Summer and Bird by Katherine Catmull (won)
In a Glass Grimmly (A Tale Dark and Grim #2) by Adam Gidwitz (won)
The Last Academy by Anne Applegate (for review)
Replica by Jenna Black (for review)
Angelopolis (Angelology #2) by Danielle Trussoni (won)

The Circle (Engelsfors #1) by Sara Elfgren and Mats Strandberg
[[Michelle will be part of the blog tour for this Danish original making its US debut in May.]]
The Sweetest Dark by Shana Abe
Taken by Storm by Kelli Maine
[[Another blog tour book--look for it in May!]]

3 Harlequin Superromance books (won)
Being Me by Lisa Renee Jones (unsolicited review book)
One Heart to Win by Johanna Lindsey (unsolicited review book)
Barefoot in the Sun by Roxanne St. Claire (unsolicited review book)
A Passion for Pleasure by Nina Rowan (unsolicited review book)
Wrecked by Shiloh Walkers (bought)
Love Irresistibly by Julie James (bought)

These are the print books we received. This is not all of our books but the others are digital books--Michelle have been very busy on Amazon and Audible--but we're not going to list them all because it would be just too much. But for fun, here's Michelle latest library book haul:
Let us know what you got and we'll be sure to visit your blog. Happy reading!

-Michelle & Leslie


  1. Amazing haul! I have Mila and Pivot Point waiting for me, hopefully I'll start them soon.

    Happy reading!
    My Haul

  2. Wow, that haul is great! I can't wait to read Mila 2.0 and Pivot Point! :D

    Ruby @

  3. Great haul. I want them all :)

    old follower

  4. I loved Mila 2.0! It was fab! Ooo Angelopolis! I confess I still have to read Angelology despite borrowing from the library twice and buying it on Kindle but I still want this! lol one day I'll read both. Enjoy!

  5. WOW! So many amazing books. I'm very jealous of all of those shiny ARCs you guys have :) they all sound so good!!
    Thanks for stopping by :)

  6. Those are some really exciting books there!
    Great Haul and Happy reading! :)

  7. These are some absolutely gorgeous reads! :) I'm dying to read the Circle and Replica, and I hope you enjoy all this amazing haul! :)


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