Michelle's Review: In the Garden of Thoughts by Dodinsky (with pictures!)

book coverHardcover: 64 pages 
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Release Date: 4/16/2013
ISBN: 9781402275838
Source of my copy: publisher
Series: none
Synopsis (from Goodreads)

In the Garden of Thoughts is a gift book that reduces the complexities of life into simple universal truths. It is a collection of short and poignant thoughts widely embraced by my readers and accompanied by whimsical and delightful illustrations to capture a reader’s imagination.

Michelle's Review:
I'm not usually a fan of gift books but the review pitch for In the Garden of Thoughts came at a time when I was feeling down in the dumps. I needed some positivity in my life right then and I really liked the look of In the Garden of Thoughts (ItGoT), so I decided to check it out.

And I'm glad I did--it is such a cute book. By the time it arrived, I wasn't so down anymore but when I read Dodinsky's messages, some did bring a smile on my face and made me think.

There are about fifty (if I counted right) inspirational messages in this book and each are accompanied by an illustration--sometimes a large one spanning two pages. There were some inspirational quotes in the book that I just want to rip out from the book and frame so that I can read it everyday. Like this one:

But there were also a few that left me scratching my head, like this one that goes "The horizon, to remind you of your courage, sends its gentle waves of confidence to kiss your feet." Huh?

My favorite part of ItGoT were the watercolor illustrations which were beautifully done by Amanda Cass. They are just so whimsical (sometimes bordering on weird but still pretty cute) and brought a smile to my face. This one is my favorite:

Although many of the messages can be appreciated by both men and women, I do think this gift book is more aimed towards women. 

Overall, if you are a fan of gift books for your self or you're thinking of giving one to your girl friends (it can be given in almost all special occasions), look no further than ItGoT--it is full of positivity, lovely illustrations and nicely bound with a [heavier] glossy paper.

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