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The last book in the Body Finder series, Dead Silence, comes out in a couple of days (April 16th to be exact)!

I was so happy to be part of this blog tour to celebrate the release of Dead Silence. I read The Body Finder when it came in out 2010 and it has been a great journey with Violet and Jay--however Dead Silence does not feel like a good-bye-forever type of book. Here's hoping that this isn't the last we will see Violet, Jay and the rest of the characters and Kimberly Derting has plans...

[As you can tell, I have a hard time letting go of characters I really like.]

book coverToday, I am posting teaser quotes of Dead Silence for you and because I love a good Violet and Jay, scene, well, here ya go...

"Remember when you told your parents you wanted to be buried in there?" Jay's voice interrupted her thoughts, and a small smile tugged her lips.

"I remember my dad spent like three hours explaining why I had to be buried in a real graveyard," she said, doing her best to mimic her dad's pragmatic tone. "And why 'proper channels' had to be followed when someone died. He told me that people can't just be buried in their own backyards. He even explained what embalming was, which totally grossed me out. I mean, I couldn't have been more than seven or eight, I think."
And here's another one:
"Did I mention I'm glad it's Friday?" Rolling over, Violet tired to ignore the protesting groan of springs whenever either she or Jay moved, making it sound like they were using his bed as a trampoline. She leaned up on her elbows and stared down at him, her lips curving into a lazy smile as she took in his disheveled hair and uneven grin that met her.
There are also awesome prizes you can win on this tour!
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Look out for my review of Dead Silence, which I will be posting later today [update: read my review]. Let me know what you thought of the teasers in the comments.

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  1. Great quotes! I'm not ready for this series to be over either. I'm hoping that she might write a spin off series from Rafe's POV. Thanks for hosting a stop!

  2. Thanks for the awesome giveaway. I can't wait to read this book. It sounds really good.

  3. Sigh! I cannot wait to get my hands on this book. I plan on having a The Body Finder marathon!

  4. I'm so so so excited to start reading this series!

    - Ava


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