Emblaze by Jessica Shirvington: Excerpt + Giveaway

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It feels like forever since I've blogged. But the last week, school and my internship just took over my life. There was no time to blog and even read--the one book I did finish (Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage) was an audiobook that I read in my morning and afternoon commute.

But this coming week should be better. And to start the week off I have an excerpt of Emblaze to share with you. For those that don't know, Emblaze is the third book in the Violet Eden Chapters by Jessica Shirvington.

This scene with Violet, Griffin and Spence happened early on in Emblaze (there's **no spoilers**).

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"Stronger and braver, yes, but years of experience count for something. I just spent the last hour sizing you up, picking your routine. You change it up, but everyone is predictable in the end. If you see the chance to kick, you take it."

He put his hand out and I moved my right arm to take it, but winced in pain as I did, working hard to hold back a cry. My head went back to the ground again.

"Broken?" Griffin asked casually.

I turned my face to the side, angry with myself. "I think so." That was the other crack I'd heard. Damn it.

"Perfect," Griffin said, as if it were all part of the plan. "This will help."

I glared at him. If he thought I was going to ask Lincoln to heal me tonight, he had another thing coming.

"Whatever it is, it'll have to wait. I have dinner tonight with Dad," I snarled, pushing myself up with my good arm. Spence was behind me and helped me to stand. My head was spinning out of control.

"Easy girl," he said, as if he was talking to a racehorse. I pulled my good arm out of his hold to stand on my own. Then desperately wished I hadn't.

While my stomach churned and I fought the urge to throw up, I took a few calming breaths and tried to center myself and control the pain.

That was when I felt it.

The invisible tendril that linked us sizzled. I could feel his heart beating, steadily at first, and then as if recognizing me, it picked up.

So, that is a little taste of Emblaze for you all--look for my review of it later this week.

As a special treat, we have a copy of Emblaze to give away to one lucky reader. Open to U.S. and Canadian residents only and it ends on March 30th. Come back everyday to earn more entries! Good luck.
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  1. I haven't read these yet but I checked them out on goodreads and they sound really good. I will def be checking them out now!!

  2. "The invisible tendril that linked us sizzled. I could feel his heart beating, steadily at first, and then as if recognizing me, it picked up."

    Oh, I *like* the use of the word "sizzled"! It gives me the good-shivers.


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