We are still alive + our blogging plans for the coming week

Dear friends,
We are still alive, we've just been very, VERY busy (Leslie with her school stuff; Michelle with her jobs and school and internship).

And besides being busy, we've also been experiencing a blogging slight (okay, not so slight) blogging slump.

But we are coming back to the book blogging world next week and we are starting it with a BANG!!

You ready?!

It's We got new books! day!

Monday: (this is a BIG one)
To celebrate the release of Marie Lu's PRODIGY, we are going to post Michelle's interview with Marie (she got to interview Marie over the phone!) and also give away a signed copy of PRODIGY.

Michelle is going to blog about her internship and feature the children's book and middle grade books she is going to add to the library's booklist order for March 2013.

It's Books We Covet day!

Michelle's review of The Liar Society: Ties that Bind and explain why she is Team Bradley.
book cover

Leslie will post her review of Level 2, Pretty Crooked, Scarlet (Meyer) or Paper Towns... she hasn't decided yet.

Um... we don't know yet. But it will be good!

Okay, so our goal in the coming is to post something everyday to make up for not posting almost 2 weeks. Friends, have a great Friday. 

Michelle & Leslie

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