Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

11/28 - Michelle's Update: The next two weeks will be craziness with study week and then finals week. So I will be going on a short blogging hiatus and there will not be any long posts from me for the next two weeks.

Dear fellow book lovers,
Leslie and I would like to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving!
It was another crazy busy week for us, as Leslie and I try to finish all our homework and projects so that we will have a schoolwork-free Thanksgiving with our family. Unfortunately, that meant blogging (but not reading!) was pushed aside for now.

But we will "see" you all next week!

Michelle & Leslie


  1. Happy Thanksgiving - hope you got some time off school! Our district had the whole week off for furlough days, a way of saving money for the district. Hard for the pocketbook but great for the body! Got some rest. :)


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