We got new books! (14)

This week is the best book week for Leslie and me in a long time, especially with YA books:
The Death Cure by James Dashner (from RandomBuzzers)
Eve & Adam by Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate (won)
The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin (won)
The Evolution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin (won)
[[I ended up winning from Simon & Schuster. We are stoked about the Mara Dyer books--we heard so many great things about the series.]] 

Of course, the week wouldn't be complete without romance novels:
A Private Duel with Agent Gunn by Jillian Stone (unsolicited)
The Stranger I Married by Sylvia Day (review)
[[Excited to finally read one of Sylvia Day's novels.]]

Edge of Midnight (McCloud and Friends #4) by Shannon McKenna (e-book; bought)
[[Ended up getting a $5 Amazon GC so I decided to get a novel by an author I've been wanting to read for a while, Shannon McKenna.]]

Did YOU get any new books? Let us know! We'd love to see your new bookshelf additions.


  1. Nice collection. The only one that I also have on my stack is Eve and Adam. I hope to get to it soon. My new books posts are at Inside of a Dog and Ms. Martin Teaches Media. Happy reading.

  2. Awesome haul this week!! Cannot wait to read Mara Dyer!! http://lovesbooksreviews.blogspot.com/2012/09/stacking-shelves-19.html

  3. I almost bought myself Eve and Adam, but I was not that sure if I would like it. Enjoy your books and Happy reading. (^_^)

  4. Oooh! Mara Dyer books! I just started The Evolution of Mara Dyer last night, so I'm excited to see your review on those ones! Great books this week!

  5. The Stranger I Married? Oooo I'll be looking for that review.

  6. THE EVOLUTION OF MARA DYER?! I'm soooo jealous. :D Absolutely loved the first book and can't wait for the sequel. But the other books look awesome, too, so I hope you'll enjoy them! :)

    Fictional Distraction

  7. That's so awesome that you won Evolution! I'm really curious about the direction of this series!

    Amber Elise @ Du Livre

  8. *gasp!* The Evolution of Mara Dyer! So jealous, I can't wait to read it/meet Michelle when she comes to my city next month! :) Happy reading!

  9. Wow, I am really excited for Eve & Adam and have yet to read Mara Dyer series! Congrats on winning =D

    Here's my Book Haul post.

    Sana @ artsy musings of a bibliophile

  10. I have a soft spot for romance novels, too, although I haven't bought any in a long time. :) Enjoy all your books, and thanks for stopping by my blog!

  11. I've wanted to read Mara for so long. So great that you won both books! Thank you for stopping by my blog and happy reading :)

  12. Oh my gosh! The Evolution of Mara Dyer!! I am SO excited for that book, I loved the first one! I can't wait to read Eve & Adam, either! I hope you guys enjoy all of your books :0)

  13. Nice haul! I can´t wait to read The Evolution of Mara Dyer!
    My Stacking the Shelves

  14. Fantastic haul and awesome wins guys! I just finished Eve and Adam and really enjoyed it! I hope you do too. I seriously need to crack open my copy of The Unbecoming. I'm need to find some time!

    I hope you enjoy every single title! Thanks for sharing and happy reading! Thanks for stopping by :)

    MaryAnn @ Chapter by Chapter
    Our STS this week

  15. ooh you've gotten some awesome books. happy reading!

  16. Not going to lie, I am jealous of THE EVOLUTION OF MARA DYER. I want to re-read the first book before I get to it. Looking forward to your review!

  17. So lucky! You got The Evolution of Mara Dyer! I hope you enjoy the series and the rest of the books. :)

    Sangita @ Whisper of Reads.

  18. Eve & Adam was really good, I can't wait for the second book to come out so I can see where it picks up! I hope you enjoy everything you got this week and thanks for checking out my IMM =D

    Paige @ Comfort Books

  19. Eve and Adam! I can't wait to read it! Also beware--Death Cure made me MAD! :-)


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