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Fellow romance readers,
I have always seen Debra Webb's Faces of Evil series around but I didn't stop to read about them... until I was contacted by Jessica of Forever (Grand Central Publishing). I just finished reading Obsession (book 1) and I really enjoyed it. I am very eager to read Impulse (book 2).

Don't pass this series by (like I almost did) especially if you love romantic suspense!

The first two books were originally self-published but they and the rest of the upcoming books in the series have since been acquired by Forever and Forever Yours, which means the novels will now be simultaneously released in print and e-book formats!

Here's the synopsis for Obsession:
Special Agent Jess Harris has spent more than a decade studying the many faces of evil. In her determination to stop a serial killer, she broke the rules, and it cost her everything. With her career in need of resuscitation and her love life dead and buried, Jess jumps at a chance to advise on a case that has the top detectives of Birmingham, Alabama, stumped. But the case forces her to confront all the reasons she put her hometown-and her first love-in her rearview mirror.

Four young women have gone missing, and Police Chief Dan Burnett will do anything to find them before it's too late-even if it means asking for help from the woman who has spent a decade avoiding him. Jess agrees to lend a hand and welcomes the diversion of a new case, a new life to save to make up for the victims she's lost. But then the unthinkable happens: the crazed serial killer from her past follows Jess to Birmingham. The situation is becoming increasingly desperate-and time is swiftly running out...
To spread the word about the Faces of Evil series' new home at Forever and Forever Yours and the release of Power (book 3), I got to interview the author Debra Webb!

book coverHi Debra! Welcome to our blog! Did any part of your writing/revision process change since writing your first novel? If you could give one advice to your old self who was writing that first novel what would it be?
Hey, it's great to be here! In the beginning I knew NOTHING so I had to learn EVERYTHING. I just wrote the story. But once I understood the elements of a novel from a craft perspective I was able to mold my story into one that's well told. And in the beginning I was kind of all over the place writing in different genres. My advice would be to find what you do best and stick with it.

Self-publishing vs. regular publishing: In your experience, what are the benefits of both?
There's a certain amount of creative freedom that is totally awesome in self-publishing. But with that freedom comes the weight of doing it all yourself. I believe there is a place for both in every writer's career. With traditional publishing you're going to get the print format (much harder to accomplish in self-pubbing) as well as editorial and marketing support. With self-pubbing you have the freedom to write the story the way you want and add the cover you want. Why not go for both worlds?

What are your feelings in shifting back into regular publishing and continuing the Faces of Evil series with Forever and Forever Yours in both print and e-book editions?
The move is one that will help me get the books out to my print readers which was important to me since I've been in traditional publishing for more than a decade and have a readership already. I received tons of email from folks who wanted the books in print at the stores where they shop. From the editorial standpoint it has been awesome. We all want these books to be the very best they can be. GCP is doing a terrific job and I'm very pleased.

Was there a scene in the Faces of Evil series that made you feel a strong emotion while you were writing it? If there was, was it more harder to write than other scenes?
Having Jess return to her hometown with her career and her personal life in shambles really hit home for me. The scene where she and Dan confront their painful past is one of the numerous scenes that made me cry. I love these characters!

Tell us 3 random, not-very-well-known-things about Special Agent Jess Harris.
Jess hates weaknesses in herself (like the need for reading glasses). She expects everyone around her to see what she sees (she forgets that not all have her talent for seeing beyond what's in front of her on a case). And she is terrified of falling too deeply in love with Dan again.

You must have some very exciting projects coming up in 2013. Please tell us a little bit about them.
The first three books in the Faces of Evil series will all come out in print on March 26th for the incredible low price of $3.99 each! I am so thrilled that we can provide readers with three books for scarcely more than the cost of one! It's amazing! Then in April the fourth book, RAGE, hits the shelves in paperback and digital at the same time. July and August will see the releases in paperback and digital of REVENGE and REDEMPTION. It's a killer schedule but I am very pleased with the opportunity!
Thanks to Debra for answering my questions. 2013 will definitely be an exciting year for the Faces of Evil series!

Fellow romance lovers, thank you for checking out my interview with Debra. Now, about that GINORMOUS giveaway?

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<3, Michelle

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      sorry for the confusion.


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