The Rivals Excerpt + The Mockingbirds and The Rivals GIVEAWAY

We are kicking off August with a special giveaway!

Leslie and I both LOVE The Mockingbirds and its sequel The Rivals--I reviewed The Mockingbirds here and Leslie reviewed The Rivals here. We are so happy to get the chance to giveaway both novels to one of our readers!

But first the excerpt...

This excerpt is from chapter two of The Rivals. It is part of a really sweet scene between Alex and Martin. We like it because shows how Alex is feeling after the events in The Mockingbirds and nicely describes how Alex got to where she is in the Mockingbirds, a secret club whose members are the school's own underground police, judge and jury.

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" matter how many months have passed, I feel like I've been marked with an R. "How do you see me? Is that all you see when you look at me?"

He [Martin] laughs, but it's a reassuring one; he's not laughing at me. "It's the thing I never see. Because I see you, only you."

I can't help smiling, but inside I want to be where he is. I want to see me the way he does--without seeing what happened first. Sure, I can be all tough and how dare you say it was my fault? to Ms. Merritt, but she touched a nerve inside me that's still tender. Because as much as I don't have any lingering questions whatsoever, I know some students probably do, and the thought sickens me.

"And then I also see a totally hot piano player, because there is no way I can look at you and say pianist. Sorry, but too weird a word for a guy to say. And then I see this girl who still likes me and still listens to my science stories after six months. Which is pretty awesome. And I also see the head of the Mockingbirds, and then I remember, Oh crap, Alex is in charge of me. I'd better be a good helper Mockingbird."

Then it's my turn to laugh, only I am definitely laughing at him and the way he's making fun of himself, since he's on the board of the Mockingbirds too--which means he helps decide which cases we take on. He's been a Mockingbird since he was a sophomore, working his way up to membership on the board. He's in the Mockingbirds because he believes in them, because he wants to help others.

But I'm brand-spanking-new to the group. And I'm the leader for one and only one reason--because I was raped. I didn't earn the post by putting in my time. I didn't work my way up or campaign. It was handed to me because the leader is always someone who brought a case and won it. And while that night when Carter Hutchinson took my virginity while I was passed out was many months ago, the memory of it can all come roaring back in an instant.
Want to read more? Or you're a bit confused because you haven't read The Mockingbirds yet? Well, thanks to Daisy Whitney, we have a signed copy of The Mockingbirds AND The Rivals to give away to one lucky reader!
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Click on the cover to go to the book's Goodreads page and read the synopsis.

One winner. US only. Ends August 22, 2012.

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  1. I've literally been wanting to read The Mockingbirds since before it came out and Daisy contacted me and was kind enough to send some bookmarks my way! Thanks for the awesome contest!!! :)

  2. The Mockingbirds is a book that I think every teen and fan of YA MUST read! Not since Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson has a novel so captured the realties that come with living your life after something so heinous. Daisy Whitney was brave in my opinion to write these books, partly based on events in her own life. I have not yet gotten to read The Rivals and this is a great giveaway opportunity!

  3. When I read The Mockingbirds I couldn't put it down and then bought The Rivals on my kindle because I couldn't wait one more day to go back to the bookstore to buy the hard copy, but I loved the books so much. They are a great story on how anyone can overcome hardship. This is a great contest :)

  4. The Mockingbirds was amazing and I am anxiously waiting to read The Rivals.

  5. I have been DYING to read The Mockingbirds, and after skimming that excerpt (I'm really scared to ruin something in the prequel) I'm super excited to actually get my hands on the book. Thank you for sharing!

  6. I actually HAVE The Mockingbirds, and it sounds amazing and like the perfect book for me and I've heard great things, but I haven't read it yet. Maybe if I had the second one too, I'd get to it faster!!


  7. I keep forgetting that I REALLY want to read these (so many on my tbr pile). Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  8. I have NOT read The Mockingbirds yet, but it sounds SO GOOD! Especially the excerpt, it totally made me want to read it more :) Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  9. I haven't read them yet; you have just introduced them to me! I can't wait to read them and then share them with my students.

  10. I have never heard of these books, but going off of the excerpt & summaries it sounds like something I definitely should read.

  11. i haven't heard a ton about these books but it sounds like they are really good! thank you for the contest!

  12. This is actually the first time i have heard of this series, but from the excerpt it sounds good. Now i can not wait to read this series! Thank you for introducing me to this series and for the awesome giveaway :)!

  13. "The Rival" seems interesting and complicated, something very worth reading. Sorry ...I pressed 'DONE' on 'EXCERPT QUESTION' before I entered my answer on accident but mine is "Sophomore year." Thank you :]

  14. The excerpt from "The Rivals" definitely has me interested in these books. I haven't read The Mockingbirds yet, but I'm putting it on my TBR list now! Thanks for the giveaway!!


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