Lisa Jackson's Kiss of the Moon E-Book GIVEAWAY

Our last two giveaways feature YA novels, but never fear romance fans: this one is for YOU.

We are kicking the week off with an e-book giveaway! One lucky reader will win Lisa Jackson's historical romance: Kiss of the Moon (originally published in 1994).

Pocket Star is re-releasing this title in e-book format! So, if you missed these titles the first time around, here's your chance to get them again.
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Dear Reader,
KISS OF THE MOON is filled with magic, curses, heroes, and villains. It's set in medieval Wales, an intriguing place filled with deep magic, dark castles, brooding heroes, and strong-willed heroines.

Adventure, allure, and avarice hide in the shadows of shadowy forests and candlelit towers of Castle Prydd where an ancient prophecy is fulfilled when Sorcha of Prydd comes into the world:"born during a tempest, with hair the color of a raven's wing, eyes the blue of midnight, and the kiss of the moon on skin like alabaster..."It's said that whoever is born with the KISS OF THE MOON birthmark upon his skin will rise to become the savior of Prydd. No one ever expected the chosen one to be a woman! Not only is this heresy, but an outrage. Surely the fates are wrong...or are they?

Years later, Sorcha's courage is sorely tested when she must save her kidnapped sister and in doing so enters Hagan of Erbyn's bedchamber. Never intending to be seduced by the arrogant and handsome lord, she places a knife to his throat. But that is just the beginning -- and soon her pulse pounds whenever he's near. Though she warns herself that Hagan is her sworn enemy, Sorcha can't convince her wayward heart.

KISS OF THE MOON is a tale of curses and lies, trust and betrayal, and, ultimately, the power of love. I hope you are captivated by it.

-- Lisa Jackson
Read the Chapter 1 excerpt of Kiss of the Moon HERE.

Ends September 8. Open to everyone.
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  1. Yes, They are easy to send and you dont have to pay for shipping, or worry about the postal people losing the books,lol. Thx for giveaway.

    blinkysthebest at aol dot com

  2. Thanks for the giveaway. I would love to read this book. It sounds very good.

  3. Although I love print books, a book is a book and with e-books they're instant gratification, no waiting for them to arrive in the mailbox, so yes, you should give more e-books away (as long as there are still some print books too). :D


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