I've Switched Over the Dark Side

About a month ago I bought something that I swore I would never buy: an e-reader.

Yup, I've switched over the "dark side."

We began our blog in 2009, just when e-readers were gaining popularity but I've always been adamant about my love for physical books and only physical books.

But e-readers have always been in the back of my mind. It's kind of hard to not be aware of 'em as a book blogger ...and, in the last year, as a library and information science grad student--e-readers and e-books are hot topics in the library world.

Then, on a whim, I entered HarperTeen's Pretty Crooked promo giveaway and I ended up winning a signed copy of the novel and a $100 gift card. After a few weeks of weighing the pro's and con's (the biggest pro being that as a future librarian it's important that I have personal experience with the technology so I can have a true opinion about it), I eventually took my winning as a sign that maybe it's time I get myself an e-reader.

So, I ordered the $79 Kindle just because it's the cheapest and it had great reviews--I didn't want to get one that is more expensive when I wasn't really sure I would totally love it...

And after using it for a month, I find myself really liking it and I think I might eventually love it even. I'm having a ball with Netgalley and Edelweiss. I love that you can get books like that **snaps fingers**.

And the reading experience is no different from reading from a physical book... Well, I find it more comfortable reading a physical book while lying in bed. I can't quite find a comfortable position with with the e-reader in my hands and simultaneously press the button to go to the next page. As I do most of my reading in bed, that might be a problem...

So, I guess this post is my bookish confession that I, the former Miss Anti-E-books-and-E-readers, after resisting for years, have gotten myself my a Kindle.


  1. Welcome to the dark side. It's lovely here.


    Congrats on winning that awesome contest and deciding to take the plunge.

  2. Oh believe me, I was anti-eBooks, too. But that was before I started blogging and reading eARCs on my laptop got more than just inconvenient. I have my Kindle (the same version like yours) for almost seven months now and I don't want to give it back ever again. :D (I'll still always prefer physical copies to eBooks since it does feel different to me, but my Kindle has definite advantages, too.)

    So, welcome to the dark side! Hope you'll continue to like it here.

    Fictional Distraction

  3. Oh you're definitely going to love the dark side. I promise! =) I'm so glad that you finally have an ereader, they're pretty great. I one upped you too (if you ask Holly) since I made the switch from the Nook to the Kindle. The dark side isn't so bad. =)

    Happy reading!

  4. Congratulations on your new Kindle :)

    I initially didn't like the idea of e-readers but then I changed my mind last year and bought one. I am so glad I have it now because with carpal tunnel, some hardcover books are just too uncomfortable for me to read. Plus it is nice to read ARCs on or take on trips. I'm glad you are enjoying your Kindle.

  5. Congrats! No worries, e-reading isn't the dark side. It's the future. ;)

    (NOT that we want real books to go away. There's room in the future for both!)

  6. thanks ladies!! it is indeed awesome to be on the "dark side" :D

  7. I held out a long time before finally buying my Kindle Fire. Blaming e-readers for the demise of my beloved Borders... *winks* - but I love it now. I got the Fire so I can read in the dark.

  8. I've been debating whether to buy a Kindle for ages, I've heard so many good things about them, but I feel kind of guilty about the mountain of unread real books I've got lying around. Still, I suppose there's room in my life for both... :-) !!


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