Leslie's Review: Dreaming Awake by Gwen Hayes

book cover Paperback: 322 pages
Publisher: Penguin
Release Date: January 3, 2012
ISBN: 978-0451235541

Source of my copy: publisher
Series: 2nd book of Falling Under
Synopsis (from Goodreads)
She fell for him in a nighttime world. But the time for dreaming is past—and the here-and-now can be just as fragile their love…
When Theia Alderson first encountered a mysterious, handsome boy in her dreams, she never imagined how finding Haden Black—and falling in love—could change her life. To save Haden, Theia sacrificed everything. And the dangerous bargain she made could have lasting repercussions. Now Theia has returned to Serendipity Falls, and she finds herself struggling with the same deadly hungers that have tortured Haden. When students at their high school fall prey to a mysterious illness, Theia can’t help but wonder if Haden’s control is slipping—and how much longer she’ll have a grip on her own. And still the nightmare realm of Under won’t let them go. Someone from Haden’s past is determined to destroy Theia from the inside out, starting with those closest to her, forcing Theia to choose between family and friends and a love that may have been doomed from the start…

Leslie's Review:
Ever since I finished Falling Under, the first book of Gwen Hayes's Falling Under series, I couldn't wait to read the next book. When it finally came out and I got the chance to read it, I must say that I was completely blown away--again. Dreaming Awake was as fantastic and enjoyable as Falling Under. All the same characters were back but they had to dealt with new problems and face many twists that made the book a thrilling, suspenseful, and unpredictable read. It was great to have come back to Theia and her friends' world again through another amazing read by Ms. Hayes.

Falling Under left me on the edge of my seat with its cliffhanger ending. But thankfully, Dreaming Awake picked up where it ended with only a time lapse of one week. I mentioned in my review for Falling Under that I really liked Theia, most especially because I related and connected with her shy, good-girl character so well. But then in Dreaming Awake, Theia had become quite a heroine--she was strong, determined, independent and immensely courageous, but not to the point that I would question her sanity (okay, maybe at some points I did). And although I am none of those, I still was able to connect with Theia and love her just the same. I also loved Haden (of course--who wouldn't?) and how despite how stubborn and difficult Theia would be with him, he would nevertheless stay true, loyal and loving toward her all throughout the book. Theia and Haden's relationship really blossomed in this book from Falling Under and I continued to root for the two of them. But of course, Theia and Haden could not have survived the obstacles they faced without their friends--Donny, Amelia, Gabe and Varnie. Those four, like before, were great, intelligent and supportive characters. It was also nice seeing on the side Donny and Gabe's and Amelia and Varnie's relationship grow and develop too.

Gwen Hayes has amazed me once again with her beautiful and powerful writing, thrilling plot and fantastic characters. I'm not exactly sure if there will be a third book in the series, but if so, I am definitely going to read it. If you haven't yet checked out Ms. Hayes's Falling Under series then you must do so. It's an amazing series I recommend, most especially to those who love their paranormal YA novels.

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  1. Powerful writing? Fantastic characters? It's official, I MUST READ THIS SERIES. Lovely review, ladies :D



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