Books We Covet: Historical YA

Why we covet these books: Historical young adult. Magic. Mystery. Gorgeous covers. Great authors--well, we can't speak for Mary Hooper because we haven't read any of her books but we're intrigued by Velvet's plot. But we are definitely excited for Darker Still. We really enjoyed Leanna's Percy Parker series and can't wait to read her young adult debut.

darkerstillDarker Still by Leanna Renee Hieber (out November 2011)
The shadows deepen on the gaslit streets of New York City in the year 1880. Curses and spirits, demons and rituals, blood and faith, love and danger; such is the stuff of Magic Most Foul. Find your voice... or else.

It's 1880 in New York City and eighteen-year-old Natalie Stewart's quiet world is entirely turned upside down in one fell, dangerous swoop. Chosen for a fate she can hardly begin to understand, she is beset by strange whispers, nightmares, curses, a haunted painting and an evil doppelganger. A dangerous demon has trapped a young man with whom she's immediately smitten, and Natalie is the only one who can help. Her eerie destiny is made frighteningly clear.

Spirited as Natalie is, her newfound fate is a lot to handle considering she has a major disability to overcome. Suffering from Selective Mutism due to a childhood trauma, Natalie must navigate between two realities; the New York she's always known, and the haunted room inside a painting where the soul of charming, young Lord Denbury has been trapped while his possessed body roams New York unchecked. Natalie must solve the pieces of a grim supernatural mystery as it unfolds, follow an inhuman murderer into the dark underbelly of New York, reverse the curse and find her voice... or else she'll be the next casualty of a magic most foul.

For more info about Darker Still (Magic Most Foul #1), visit the author's website. Clicking on the cover will take you to the book's Goodreads page.

velvetVelvet by Mary Hooper (out September 2011)
Rose is a laundress in a Victorian steam laundry. With both her mother and father dead, she is an orphan and has to rely upon her own wits to make a living. The laundry is scalding, back-breaking work and Rose is desperate to create a better life for herself. Then Rose is noticed by Madame X, a famed medium, who asks Rose to come to work for her. Rose is dazzled at first by the young yet beautifully dressed and bejewelled Madame. But soon Rose realises that Madame X is not all that she says she is, and Rose's very life is in danger...

A romantic and thrillingly exciting new novel from an acclaimed and much-loved historical writer for teens.

For more info about Velvet, visit the publisher's website. Clicking on the cover will take you to the book's Goodreads page.

What historical YA book(s) do you "covet"?
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"Books I Covet" is a weekly or bi-weekly blog post series I am going to be doing here.
It will feature books I am very excited about reading and plan on buying/borrowing in the near future. It is similar to the "Waiting On" meme hosted by Jill of Breaking the Spine. However, some of the books may already be published and others may still be in pre-order. I will include the books' blurb, cover art, and/or release date if they're available. Click on the WoW image on the left to join in!


  1. Hmmm, I'm not one to get too get overly excited about historical fiction, so this is hard for me to comment on. I guess I need to expand my reading horizons, huh?

  2. Not a big fan of historical fiction but the cover of the first book is absolutely beautiful!

  3. I just added Darker Still to my list that looks really good. Great picks!

  4. Neeps! I haven't heard of Darker Still, but I like the sound of it. I shall have to make sure my library orders it.

  5. I love, love, love historical fiction! Hadn't heard about these and am now adding them to my list.

    Thanks for stopping by my WoW :).

  6. Thanks for stopping by my WoW! I'm a new follower :)

    ~ Alyssa ♥ hesperialovesbooks

  7. Just saw Leanna's book on another WoW and since I loved her Percy series, I might have to check this one out!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Jessica@a GREAT read

  8. I've read Mary Hooper's Newes from the Dead and would definitely recommend her books! :)

  9. OoO! I haven't heard of either of these, but they sounds really good. Thanks for sharing!

    Also, thanks for stopping by my WoW as well!

    ♥ Sarah

  10. Awesome pick! We're your newest follower ^^

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  11. Where do you find these fab books? I knew Hibner was coming out with something else, but I hadn't seen the cover. Thanks :)


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