Liar Society Blog Tour of Awesome: Emails

It's 12:04 AM as I'm typing this post and in a couple hours the first waves are supposed to hit the Hawaiian islands. Everyone here is in pins and needles right now while we wait for more information about the tsunami warning... just heard it just passed Wake Island. I really hope it's going to be like last time--with waves only coming in at a few inches but OMGosh the images and video from Japan they keep replaying over and over on CNN--my prayers go out to them.

Anyway, on to a more happier event and that is the...

Today we have sisters and authors Lisa and Laura Roecker. Their debut novel The Liar Society is out in stores now! We heard it being compared to a Nancy Drew novel in many reviews but better so we can't wait until we get our hands on our copy (B&N you are taking too long!).

llroeckerWe asked Lisa and Laura all about their emails in our interview (because emails are important in The Liar Society especially if they're sent by dead best friends). So, ladies, tell us about the best email you've ever gotten.
Laura: This is probably pretty obvious, but it'd have to be the email from Catherine offering representation.
Lisa: Hey, what about the emails I send you with new ideas?
Laura: Meh.
Lisa: Come on! New ideas are great!
Laura: Yeah, but emails from our agent are great-er.
Lisa: Boo.

What about your funniest and most entertaining email?
Laura: GOOP!
Lisa: Oh my gosh, YES.
Laura: GOOP is Gwyneth Paltrow's e-mail newsletter where she tells you how you should be living.
Lisa: It's unintentional comedy at its finest.
Laura: She once tried to convince us that we needed a leather embossed fly swatter.
Lisa: Awesome.

llroeckerWe all get emails with coupons. What's the best one you received?
Laura: Ooh, that coupon I got for that new dress! That was awesome. It cost me $20 when it was all said and done.
Lisa: What about the coupons I send you for hugs?
Laura:, yeah. Those too.

And spam (the bane of emails)! What's the silliest spam you've encountered?
Lisa: Ooh, when we send ourselves e-mails sometimes they go into SPAM.
Laura: Yeah, that's just depressing.
Lisa: Yeah, I guess it is. But sort of silly?
Laura: We're not SPAM, we're authors.
Lisa: Ah, who are we kidding, we'll always be SPAM to hotmail.

Thanks to Lisa and Laura for stopping by our blog and answering our questions. They have one last thing to share with you and it involves a $100 Amazon gift card...

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  1. Great interview! :)

    I think I might just have to check out Goop :)

  2. I love this book!! :) It was a great read.


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