Guest Post: Robyn DeHart, author of Treasure Me

As part of her blog tour, I am excited to have romance author Robyn DeHart here on our blog guest posting today! Her newest release is Treasure Me, book 3 in her Legend Hunters series. Please join us in welcoming her...

Before we begin, here's the blurb for Treasure Me:

The Legend Hunters . . .

The Men of Solomon's meet in secret, their very existence only a rumor among the best of Victorian society. They are treasure hunters, men of wealth and title, seekers of myths and legends. And no legend is as captivating as the Loch Ness monster . . .

Graeme Langford, Duke of Rothmore, has always been torn between his beloved Scottish homeland and his duty to the English Crown. Yet his is truly an adventurer's soul-and he's determined to find a long-lost stone hidden near Loch Ness.

Bookish Vanessa Pembrooke heads to the Highlands to prove the existence of the legendary beast. Instead she finds the first man who has ever shared her hunger for adventure. Soon Graeme and Vanessa are fighting a dangerous battle as well as their own simmering attraction. As their passion grows, so does the danger. Ultimately, they must risk everything to keep the cursed stone out of a murderer's hands. But can they survive without losing the greatest treasure of all-their love?

Now that you know more about Treasure Me (if you didn't know already), here is Robyn...

First and foremost, thanks so much for participating in my blog tour and having me here today. I was asked for this blog if I could time travel and have an adventure in a different time period, where would I go and what time period; who would I meet and what will you do? Such an interesting question and for me, a history lover, it is difficult to choose. But there is a reason why I write in the Victorian era and it is because I find that particular time period utterly fascinating.

It’s a rather large chunk of history, Victoria took the throne in 1837 at the age of 18 and ended her reign in 1901 at the age of 81. But there’s so much that goes on in those years that make the time period such a draw for me. In the 1860’s the queen was deep in mourning and the entire country mourned the death of her husband with her. Then we have the industrial revolution and the invention of so many things we use today. Communication was expanding and technology was booming. There’s just so much there to play with. Not mention they have great fashion with the bustle and long gloves and dresses with a million buttons and men in top hats and long coats. We also have Jack the Ripper, trains traversing the countryside, Dickens and the Brontes and Edgar Allen Poe. And let’s not forget the advent of indoor plumbing!

As for who I’d like to meet, well for starters Queen Victoria herself. How fascinating she must have been. I’ve written her into a few of my books, the older Queen as my books are usually set in the latter part of her reign and in my head she talks like Judi Dench.

It was the time period itself that spawned the idea for my Legend Hunters series. Archaeology was fairly new then and it was a very popular hobby among the wealthy in London. That played perfectly into creating my gentlemen’s club (Solomon’s) of titled gentlemen who chase legends and antiquities and hidden treasures.

So how about all of you? What time period would like to travel to? Or which one is your favorite to read about?

Thank you for guest posting on our blog, Robyn! I love the Victorian Era myself but if I could time travel to any time period I would go back to Regency England. After all the romance novels I've read set in that time, I would love to experience it myself.

Don't forget to enter the giveaway to win 1 of 3 copies of Treasure Me. To enter, just FILL OUT THIS FORM (OR go to this post where the form is embedded). It is open to US and Canadian residents (no P.O. boxes) and ends March 22. Good luck!

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  1. I like a lot of different time periods. I think my favorite would be around 1620 to 1920 yep, thats a long range. I would have loved to have been a part of making America in the 1600's, but I also love the roaring 20', things moved fast and I loved how they danced and live life.

    Great post ladies.


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