How We Spent Our Saturday (Vlog)

I am still on a reading slump which is very frustrating and the pile for review books I have yet to read is looking very menacing right now. But no matter how I hard try I just can't concentrate on any book for some reason.

So I did something I have been putting off for a long time: cleaning and clearing my bookshelf. Then, Leslie, Aubrey and I took the books to the library to donate and did some browsing too. Here's video of our day:


  1. OK that is just mean ladies, showing what beautiful weather you have in Maui. I am stuck in the midwest where there is snow snow snow and cold weather.

    Hope you get over the reading slump soon!

  2. I just donated too :)

    Man I need to visit Hawaii :)

  3. This was such a cool idea! And thank you for showing us some of your beautiful state. I really want to come to Hawaii soon! :)

    I recently donated a big bag of books too, feels good right?

  4. Great idea, I really like this post. I agree, beautiful weather. I woke up this morning to more snow!

  5. I love donating books - nice job and hope you had a good time ;)


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