Author Interview with Sean Beaudoin (& Giveaway)

Today, we have author Sean Beaudoin stop by on our blog to chat with us. His book (which I'm currently reading) You Killed Wesley Payne is coming out tomorrow (February 1). Please join us in welcoming him.

Hi Sean! If you were planning a dinner party and you can invite the following: 1 celebrity, 1 character from You Killed Wesley Payne, 2 writers (one dead & one alive) and 1 musician. Who would they be and would they get along?
Celebrity: The three-headed Kardashian
Wesley Payne Character: Kurt “Dead Elvis” Tarot
Living Writer: Christopher Hitchens
Dead Writer: Dorothy Parker
Musician: Elvis
Total chaos. Thrown food. Broken furniture. Dessert canceled. Ambulance called. Then everyone goes down to the basement and hammers out the music and lyrics for a brand new Broadway musical called Midnight at Noon. It breaks all box office records, they split the proceeds evenly, and then move together into the old Friends apartment over Central Park.

Classic pulp noir (literary or film) mash up: which two and how will the characters get along?
Robert Mitchum from Out of the Past squares up against Orson Wells from Lady From Shanghai, in the new, leaner, Out of the Lady From the Past, Into a Shanghai Fist. Mitchum wins, easy. Orson cheats, still loses. After, they share a glass of Paul Masson overlooking the Danube, and tell stories about what it was like to be alive sixty years ago.

Your craziest high school story (or craziest thing that happened to you in high school).
The top twenty-six craziest things that happened to me in high school are all stories that would be unwise to share in this forum. However, here is number twenty-seven:

It was a hot day. My friend A-dog and I had sort of had it with school and it wasn’t even lunch yet. There was history class, and then an algebra test the period after that. A-dog goes “let’s go jump off a bridge.” I looked at him and said “Okay.” We snuck outside, jumped in his black Cougar, roared across town, parked by the rocks under the highway bridge, and then climbed under the metal buttressing, all the way out over the river. It was a long way down. I was starting to wish I’d opted for history class after all. A-dog jumped. Disappeared. Finally, his tiny head bobbed in the water. I closed my eyes and stepped off. I could have written three fairly complicated chapters in the time it took to hit the current. Then I was below, down by the mossy cement base of the bridge, where everything was green, old cars and tires and cans rusting along the bottom. I remembered you have to breathe, and kicked to the surface. A-dog laughed at me, the look of terror on my face. We floated downstream to the Cougar, roared back to school, snuck in, and just made math class. Sitting at our desks, dripping wet, we both took the test. The teacher just shook his head. It was a hot day. He’d had it with school, too.

jlondon Cliques and your thoughts about them.
If “clique” can be taken to mean “a hurtfully exclusive gathering you’ll find out five years later was full of people you didn’t want to hang out with anyway,” than I think it can pretty safely be said I’m not real big on them. On the other hand, cliques can also just be a bunch of people who like the same bands, or hate the same football players, or who dig chess or reading or World of Warcraft. So, they’re pretty useful too. Elementally, as animals, we seem to like to pair off. If lemurs do it, we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves for doing it as well. In my experience, high school was a three-act drama spread out over four years. Without the cliques, no matter how dire the snobbery seemed at the time, it probably would have made for a less interesting storyline.

Check out Sean's website for more info on his books, himself and to read his blog. I'll be posting my review of You Killed Wesley Payne soon but before then see other reviews on Goodreads.

Okay... GIVEAWAY time!

Thanks to Angelo and Blog Reach Solutions (BRS), we have a signed copy of Going Nowhere Faster (Sean's first book) to giveaway. To enter simply fill out the form below:

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  1. This books looks great! The Goodreads reviews were awesome. I cannot wait. Thanks for coming on.

  2. Does his mother know he jumped off a bridge in high school???? I guess we know the answer to the age-old question by parents: "If so-and-so jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?"
    Thanks for the giveaway!


  3. O_O I guess his parents can't ask the age old 'if so-so jumped off a bridge...' question.

  4. This sounds like a great book! Thanks for the chance.

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