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The Author: Kate Perry

Fun Facts About Kate (from the author's website)

I'm a social butterfly. Going out? Dancing? Dinner with friends? I'm so there.

I golf. Actually, I don't just golf—I'm a golf maniac. A recent obsession, I've decided I'm destined for golf greatness. Watch out, Tiger Woods.

I cook. Really, I only cook when I have friends over. But when I cook, I cook. Herb and garlic crusted lamb, roasted chicken, steak with champagne mustard sauce... I'm also a freak who makes and freezes her own broth, fresh tomato sauce, and even bread crumbs.

For more info about Kate and her other books, visit her website.

The Book: Tempted by Fate
(Blurb taken from the Hachette website)

Willow Tarata is a Guardian who trusts no one. She hunts those who prey on the vulnerable. And she's driven by a vengeful goal-find the man who murdered her mother. Yet suddenly Willow's quarry now has her on the run... straight into the sights of San Francisco's most dangerous detective.

Three bizarre murders have Inspector Rick Ramirez baffled-and determined to uncover the truth. But to catch the real killer, he needs the help of his prime suspect, Willow Tarata, even though this fierce and sexy blonde is challenging his professional cool. And now, unless they believe in each other and trust their deepest instincts, a relentless evil will end both Willow's and Rick's life-and claim this Guardian's extraordinary powers forever...

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