The Official JANE Blog Tour: Q&A with author April Lindner

Today, we have the honor of having debut young adult author April Lindner on our blog to chat with us. Her debut release is JANE, the very entertaining modern retelling of Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre. Please join us in welcoming her.

Hi April! What was the most challenging part in writing a modernization of Jane Eyre?
There were definitely some roadblocks that had to be dealt with. The first and foremost was finding a modern equivalent for the huge difference in social class that keeps Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester apart, but once I came up with the idea of Mr. Rochester as rock star, the pieces started to fall into place. Finding a way to update the fate of Mr. Rochester’s first wife was tricky too, as was finding a way for Jane to steer clear of tabloid headlines at certain key points in the story.

Do any of your characters in Jane have a quirk that is entirely autobiographical?
There’s a lot of me in Jane herself. Let’s just say that her awkwardness in social situations isn’t something I had to work too hard to imagine.

Do you need complete silence while writing or are you the type of writer who makes playlists or has a theme song for different scenes in your book? If so, please share with us a few of the songs that would be in the Jane soundtrack?
I need silence to write, but whenever I’m not writing I’ve got the radio or my ipod on, and Jane most definitely has a soundtrack. Here’s a partial list of the songs that would be on it:

"Your Mind is Playing Tricks on You" – John Wesley Harding
"Rumors" – Josh Ritter
"Bad Reputation" – Freedy Johnston
"The Lucky One" – Alison Krauss and Union Station
"Janey Don’t You Lose Heart" – Bruce Springsteen

And, of course, Lou Reed’s "Sweet Jane" would have to be on there, preferably the Rock and Roll Animal version with the killer intro.

jlondonIf you could mash up two classic books, which two would you pick and why?
This is a wild question. One of my all time favorite characters is the smart and idealistic, but misguided Dorothea Brooke from Middlemarch. Another is the witty and ultra sensible Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice. What would the two of them talk about if they could spend a fortnight together at Longbourn? I’m sure Elizabeth would try to talk Dorothea out of marrying the horrible Mr. Causabon, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Darcy found himself admiring Miss Brooke, causing all sorts of mayhem.

Thank you so much for stopping by our blog and answering our questions April!

Everyone, you should all check out April's website for the latest news and extras about JANE and to learn more about April and her upcoming books. Also, check out my review of JANE HERE.
JANE is already out in stores so don't forget to pick up your copy or order here!


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